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   Chapter 850 Finale (Part Five)

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"Hmm?" Holding Molly in his arms he added, "we are not joking, you are definitely going to be a mother again." Brain confidently assured. Mark will be the elder brother and will have a younger sibling, maybe a brother or sister."


Nine months later

The sound of an extremely high-pitched agonizing screams broke the short silence. It rapidly filled the atmosphere in the delivery room. In a maternity section of the private hospital of Dragon Empire Group. Drenched in perspiration, Molly kept crying out. While grasping Brian's hand with her own hands tightly. She looked as though she was in extreme pain, unable to deliver the baby by any amount of pushing.

Brian's face showed the anxious concern, looking tired and gloomy. It resembled the dull, darkened under surface of a pan. He felt great pity and concern for his wife. She was not just in pain, but had already been at it for an extended time. She looked as though she has just run an exhausting marathon. He feared the extent of her endurance, wishing he could take the pain for her. Then suddenly, not being able to withstand watching her bear any more agony, finally he decided, "Do a Cesarean delivery!"

Hearing Brian's decision, the doctors quickly got to work preparing for the procedure. They were secretly relieved. This had been a difficult birth and they too had concerns.

Since Molly wanted a surprise, she had only inquired about whether her baby had been healthy and safe within her womb. Her check-ups and prenatal groups had been a regular occurrence during her gestation period. She had been neither tempted in having her baby's gender revealed nor allowed the doctor to reveal it to her.

Cesarean delivery had become a common way of delivery. But Molly had chosen a natural labor. As she didn't expect complications and loved the idea, she felt confident in the process. With so many things that were artificial, Molly wanted the most natural way in bring her baby into the world. As soon as Molly had made her choice clear, the doctors had felt they were in a pickle. Brian and Molly had no idea about the number of fetus. The doctors however knew. There were twins in her womb. It could be difficult and challenging and even more painful for her to give birth to the babies naturally. Now that Brian had made the decision of Cesarean delivery, the doctors could not be happier. Mol

ore she opened her mouth, Charlie turned around. He crept towards Mark holding his wooden sword. While all the adults watched confusedly, little Charlie put the wooden sword in front of Mark. Then he crept towards Molly, grabbing a little toy and delivered it to Mark as well. Then he crept all the way towards Brian and dragged the pistol from his father's side, placing this too in front of Mark.

In silence, all the adults watched what he was doing with their mouths hanging open in shock. There was no sound except the chuckle of Evelyn, who had crept towards Mark and was now sitting beside him in the house.

Everybody looked at the objects in front of Mark, or more precisely in front of Evelyn. Charlie had transported all the objects, keeping them on the red lint.

"Your son is greedy," Eric said while coming to his conclusion.

"Let's say he's confidently capable and a leader." Brian seemed to be quite satisfied with his younger son's performance.

Hearing the conversation between the two men. Molly couldn't help but grin. She had another interpretation of her son's behaviour. She said, "He doesn't want the two of you men to lose face. He has loved his sister since they were in my womb. Of course he wants to give all he has to Evelyn."

Brian and Eric looked at Molly then at each other. They found hopelessness in each other's eyes.

"Alas..." Molly sighed with joy, "a man should take good care of a lady, just like Mark and Charlie do."

Hearing Molly's words, everybody else erupted in laughter. Sweet happiness bounced around gently in the air.

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