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   Chapter 849 Finale (Part Four)

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Molly still felt she was in a dream. She took a look at Brian and then at the queen. She criticised Brian in her mind repeatedly, for not informing her of all the details in advance. But first of all she had to respond to the queen's greeting. "Nice to meet you as well. I'm Molly Xia," she said.

"I've heard a lot about you and have known you by name for a long time now," the queen said with a sincere smile. Then looking at Brian she winked, and Brian looked back at her. Sharing this intimacy between them made Molly blush. An awkwardness stirred in her stomach. She wondered why she felt like this, it concerned her.

"I have ordered servants to serve up the dinner," the queen said. "Unfortunately, it is the high season for sand storms. So we don't want the food left out longer than it should be."

She led them to the banquet hall, while chatting to Molly and Brian. All the time Molly's eyes surveyed the beauty of the ornamentation and large drawing rooms they passed through.

On their way to the banquet hall, the queen told Molly how she and Brian had gotten to know each other. Despite it's characteristic of being a small country, C Country hadn't had a stable regime. Instead, the fight between parties had been severe. Allegations were made about the queen, as a princess at the time, being a mixed bred heiress. The queen had been pushed aside by the king's rivals. The regime declared that she had not been of pure linage to the royal pedigree. This had been a detrimental blow to her authority.

The king, the current queen's father, had loved his own daughter very much. He had feared when he would pass away, his rivals might try to topple the monarchy by disregarding his daughter and wife. In that case, the loss of political power would be devastating but not the worst result. What would be far worse was that they might be secretly assassinated. Anticipating the worst of these fears and possibilities, the king made up his mind to send his daughter to XK Intelligence Agency to r

Country, with a smiling face. He looked excitedly happy, that it seemed strange for a doctor to be so unconcerned.

Hearing what the doctor had said, both the queen and Brian became joyously festive. They smiled gingerly out the corners of their mouths. A maid was ordered to see the doctor out. Then the queen looked at Molly with a smile, that covered her entire face. This only made Molly feel even more nervous.

She didn't understand the language of C Country. She looked at the queen and then at Brian in confusion. "What's wrong with me?" She asked.

Brian sat down by her side and held her hands in his. Then staring at her, he said softly, "Mol, you are going to be a mother again."

"Oh... Aha?" Molly replied by instinct not realising what she had heard. Then as she accepted the information in, she glared at Brian with large widened eyes. "What did you say?" she asked for confirmation, as if she was wondering if there was something wrong with her hearing.

Brian didn't say a word. He only stared at her with a faint smile on his face, allowing her to let it all sink in. He looked at her with tender eyes and a desire to spoil her.

"You're pregnant again," the queen said with a smile, confirming the news.

"Brian, really?" Molly still couldn't believe the news and needed more confirmation from Brian himself.

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