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   Chapter 848 Finale (Part Three)

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His expectations sounded quite simple. But everybody who had heard them knew how difficult it would be, for them to experience all his wishes.

There would be dozens of years left in their lives. Only people who constantly loved each other very much, will be able to make one another experience such a strong emotion every day. Through a look or even a sentence or a kiss.

There was a thick layer of snow outside now, which was rare in Dragon Island. These large quantities of precious resources were a gift for all the citizen of the island. This was especially a gift for them on their special day. Molly lay on her bed, rehearsing her day in her mind and thinking of the sentimental words Brian had said earlier that day.

The bedroom of the newly married couple glowed in its romantic presence. A ruby coloured red reflected from the decorations hanging everywhere. The large luxurious king-size bed was made the focus. As two silhouetted bodies moved in a synchronised motion, lifting up and then down under the red quilt.

"Brian, you haven't told me who that woman is," Molly complained angrily, as the thoughts kept flooding her mind.

After a long pause he answered rhetorically in a restraining tone, "Are you sure you want to get even with me, for something so long ago as before our wedding night?"

"Huh!" Molly curled her mouth in a smile but her eyes were hardly smiling. "I'll have to thank Eric for his help. I might have forgotten it, if he hadn't reminded me."

Frowning, Brian said, "Don't you know why he reminded you of this?"

"Of course I know," Molly said as if it was a matter of course, "but by me knowing, doesn't mean I don't want to know who that woman is. She spent a whole year with you. Brian, you must tell me about the relationship between the two of you and what it means to you now."

"No relationship," Brian answered sulkily. Nobody liked to be interrupted when they were caught in an intimate, instinctive animalistic situation, and he was no exception.

Hearing that, Molly was anno

climate they lived in.

Time went by at a casual pace. They spoke and kept themselves occupied before they realised over an hour had elapsed without their knowledge.

All of a sudden, the door sprung open, interrupting their long conversation. Both looked in the direction of the door. Two servants in their traditional clothes of C Country entered the room, followed by the queen. The queen wore a gorgeous traditional dress, which was accessorized with traditional handmade jewelry.

Molly looked towards the queen, and her eyes blinked in emotion. Although the queen was wearing different clothes, she was able to recognise her at a first glance. The queen was the same graceful charming woman, who had been chatting with Brian in that entrance hall, on that night in Sun Island.

The queen moved quickly. In a blink of an eye, she had walked to their side. She first took a looked at Molly and then at Brian, giving him a friendly hug while complaining. "Brian, you're late," she said inquiringly.

With a faint smile Brian said, "Sorry, I was delayed by something unexpected." Taking a look at Molly he added, "But I brought her with me. I think it will make amends; I believe you will forgive me now," He said jokingly.

Hearing that, the queen smiled and nodded. Then she said to Molly in English, "Nice to meet you. Welcome to my country."

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