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   Chapter 847 Finale (Part Two)

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Moved by Mark's consideration for him, Daniel stroked his little head and said softly, "Uncle Daniel is asking Mark to keep it for me, okay? Are you willing to do that for me?"

"Hmm!" Mark nodded in a hurry, so anxious to keep the whistle. Then he happily hid it secretively in a pocket of his clothes.

Inside a spacious room that served as a temporary dressing room, Molly had changed into another dress. A sapphire blue gown with long sleeves and lace edgings, replaced the traditional white wedding dress. To add contrast to the dress she wore a pair of garnet red high heels, inlaid in magnificent crystals and the necklace of Firefly Stone that was giving off a red reflection. Different now from the pure appearance she had during the wedding ceremony, a moment ago. She looked elegant and noble, as a happy well-kept woman should.

Ximena was adding to her dress. She placed a gorgeous garnet red crystal, swan-shaped hairpin in Molly's hair bun and refined her makeup. When dressing and makeup were both done, she looked perfect. Ximena looked at her and said with a smile, "In the blink of an eye, the woman who stood up for me at the party and who was envied by every woman around there has become a bride now. I feel as though everything that is happening is a dream."

Hearing her emotional words, Molly smiled sweetly, recalling what had happened between the two of them. She looked at Ximena and asked in a meaningful tone, "When do you plan to get the bracelet back from me?"

Hearing Molly's question, Ximena's smile grew bigger. In an arrogant manner, she raised her eyebrows and bantered, "Let's talk about it later. Just keep it with you for the time being. I can't find any other place in the world safer than around you."

Hearing Ximena's answer, Molly rolled her eyes. "Then I think I should charge a custodian fee," she said.

Ximena didn't seem to concern herself about all of that. "Okay, you may regard the bracelet as a custodian fee," she replied.

"Eeeew!" Molly curled her mouth. "You're not being sincere at all. I haven't called you to account for what you did to me at that time. How dared

'Has he arranged the snow to fall as well?' she thought.

Stopping in front of her, Brian looked at her lovingly and said slowly, "I've been thinking after the proposal. What kind of wedding would bring you the most joy and make you the happiest woman in the world? I only wanted the best for you, because you've deserved it." Hearing these words, Molly's eyes welled up. Brian stretched his hands to softly wipe the tears, which were now spilling over the corners of her eyes. The tears had come from joy. Brian continued, "I thought that we met each other for the first time at Dragon Mountain, but we met then as adults in a snowy night. We've had a lot of association with snowy nights. It witnessed your confession and my crash. It has been the one element that has virtually witnessed everything that has happened between you and I."

Forming her lips into a straight line, Molly gazed at Brian with her tear filled eyes. She had never expected her emotions would be so affected. It was a complete surprise, way beyond her expectations.

"Mol," Brian said with a faint smile, which made his handsome face look more refined. "I'm wanting our lives to be full of adventures. For us to grow together in our experiences. Then, I'm also wanting us to keep experiencing that tingle and attraction in our lives every day, in different ways. There will have to be a balance with tranquility and harmony as well though."

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