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   Chapter 846 Finale (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7099

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Everywhere in the world there are a variety of love stories taking place. Every day, different couples are writing their own unique stories. Love may make you feel shyly sweet or boldly confident, happy or sad, humble or proud. No matter what kind of love you may have, it's a fairy tale, being composed by yourselves, in firm pursuit of true love. By the author of this love story


"Little Molly, this is from Spark," Eric said, handing the bouquet of lilium casa blanca to Molly.

Looking around instinctively, Molly discovered that everybody around were either greeting or chatting. In the background the band played gentle, loving melodies. She looked in the direction of Eric and Brian. Mixtures of complex emotions were rolling around her heart. Looking intrigued over the bunch of flowers, she found a small card among them. Holding her breath in anticipation and excitedly she carefully picked out the dainty card.

"If you are content, every day is sunny; If you are feeling happy, he will be your destination!" the card read.

The finery of the filigree handwriting was soft yet resolute, which looked like the work of an artist. His words were simple yet composed. Molly felt her nose ached, as her emotions flared while she read the card. She clearly knew every word had meaning and had been written from his heart. She pursed her lips to try to restraint her pent up emotions. Her eyes were already moist and becoming difficult to control. Immediately a thought came to her, about the 'Sunny Day', when Spark had bought her a gift. Then recalling the auction in T City, as if time had stopped in that moment. The beautiful sunflower shaped pendent, she treasured so much.

Brian's deep-set striking eyes, looked indifferent as usual, without any emotion which would reveal his true feelings. He stretched out his arms to hold Molly in his. "Mol," he said softly. Hearing his voice, Molly looked at him. He continued, "All he actually wants, is to see you being happy."

Pursing her lips, Molly nodded with tear-filled eyes, "I know that, but I feel-"

"I understand," Brian said in an indiffere

ing his hand at him.

Hearing his name, Mark turned his head around to look at Daniel. He quickly notified Shirley before he ran to Daniel. "Uncle Daniel," he greeted Daniel by wrapping his arms around his uncle's legs.

Daniel lifted him up and held him in his arms. Hearing Mark call him uncle, he grinned from ear to ear, with great joy overflowing from his heart. "Have a look. Here is a gift for you," he said while taking out something small from his pocket.

As soon as he saw the brassy yellow whistle in the palm of Daniel's hand, Mark's big eyes shone. He stretched his arms out to reach it, beginning to observing it. He studied it for a while. Then, looking at Daniel, he asked in an excited tone, "Uncle Daniel, is this made from a shell case?"

Daniel nodded and said with a smile, "This is made out of the first bullet I shot as a sniper. We have a tradition that the first shot of bullet must be kept as a souvenir."

Hearing Daniel's explanation, with his eyes fixed on the whistle in his hand. Mark liked it so much that he didn't want to put it down. He asked Daniel to confirm, "Then, Uncle Daniel is giving this to me?"

"Hmm," Daniel nodded. "I made this myself to give you as a gift."

"But wouldn't you want to keep it as a souvenir?" Mark asked sensibly, beyond his years and with consideration. Even though he wanted the whistle desperately, which was apparent in his eyes.

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