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   Chapter 845 The Big Wedding (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6646

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"All right," said Wing softly. She pulled the hemline up of her dress on one side, went over to Molly and reminded her gently, "Molly, you still have to finish the ceremony here..." She then glanced in the direction of Brian. "I'm afraid someone would be very nervous..."

Molly nodded and gave her a small smile as she glanced at Brian as well.

Just at that moment Daniel approached Eric and gave him a salute and said, "I think the person walking my sister down the aisle today should be me."

"Yes, of course," Eric said with a light smile. After giving Molly a glance he stepped aside and gestured for Daniel to step in.

The orchestra once again began to play the romantic melody of 'the wedding march', and the guests settled back into their seats. All of their eyes were on Daniel, who looked majestic in his uniform. He stood tall and proud and offered his right arm to Molly. She gazed across at her brother and gave him a warm smile while she encircled the crook of his arm with hers.

The two then walked slowly down the aisle towards Brian. Edgar and Eric stood back and watched from behind as Daniel and Molly walked further and further down the red carpet.

"She'll be happy," Edgar suddenly said. He didn't know if he felt jealous of Brian or was comforting himself at this moment. But, under the brim of his cap there was a hint of sadness in his eyes.

Eric regarded Edgar and wondered, 'I know exactly how you became a Major General in the army and Cousin Brian must have used that fact to his advantage and successfully organized for Daniel to attend his wedding.'

"Arrange a seat for General Gu," Eric ordered in a light tone.

"Yes, young master," Lenny answered obediently as he gestured to Edgar. "General Gu, please follow me."

Edgar nodded to Eric and then followed Lenny to his seat.

Daniel had walked Molly to the end of the aisle and while he looked at Brian many memories suddenly came flooding back that tugged at his heartstrings. E

be more thankful to Brian, because he gave my entire family a new lease on life.

These two people standing before me have such a special meaning in my life. They managed to get through all of the obstacles that were thrown their way and now they are finally married. I am sincerely happy for them from the bottom of my heart.' she thought touched by the moment.

Then all of the unmarried girls quickly gathered together forming a small crowd. Molly stood with her back turned to them and then she glanced back with a cheeky grin. She then turned back to face Brian, who was standing in front of her and smiled broadly at him as she threw the bridal bouquet over her shoulder into the crowd of girls.

Squeals of delight could be heard as the girls dived for the bouquet. Once Molly threw the flowers she quickly turned just in time to see Cathy holding the fresh bouquet of flowers in her hands. Her cheeks were flushed red and she unwittingly glanced at a someone who was standing on the side of the Long family.

While everyone was laughing in joy, Lenny whispered a few words to Eric and then nodded and walked out.

However, a few moments later he returned holding a bouquet of Lilium Casa Blanca in his arms and he then strode over to Molly. "Little Molly, these are from Spark," he said in a pleasant tone.

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