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   Chapter 844 The Big Wedding (Part One)

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'As time goes by, almost everything can be faded from one's memory, except the profound memories. Some people just stay in our hearts even when we have tried hard to forget them. And some special relationships, despite all of the odds, do have a happy fairy tale ending. Some gains will not necessarily be long lasting; meanwhile, some loses will not necessarily be unable to be regained. There are always some words that can be scribbled down in haste on a piece of paper but may cause irreversible harm to another. There will always be that special one, who will be engraved into your heart and memory. There is always a lover, who will stay with you forever. And you...You are that special one who has left so many special memories in my life, '

by Molly.

Everyone stopped and turned to look in the direction that the voice was coming from and even the orchestra stopped playing their instruments due to the unexpected interruption.

All of the guests at the wedding ceremony gaped at Daniel in shock. He stood proudly in the doorway dressed in an olive green uniform while holding his brimmed cap in his hand.

Molly couldn't believe her eyes as she gazed at Daniel, her little brother. She swallowed a lump in her throat and her heart was filled with so much joy at seeing her brother once again. But even though she was overjoyed at seeing Daniel again, she felt overwhelmed with so many other different emotions as well.

"Daniel?" Molly said softly as tears were welling up in her eyes. She blinked hard and focused on her brother standing in front of her. She could see that he was tall and strong and not like the thin, drug-addicted Daniel that she had known. A smile slowly crept to her lips and she felt so much happiness because she was thrilled to see him. "Daniel!" she repeated.

"Sister!" Daniel responded with his eyes full of happy tears. Molly held her dress up slightly as she rushed over to her little brother and wrapped her arms around him, hugging him tightly. After the embrace, Daniel stepped slightly back, had

was just... Edgar, in the name of training a new modern militarization team, helped them cover their tracks, and his whole team just arrived at the Dragon Island.

Shirley looked upon the whole wedding scene as unusual. She glanced at Brian and then at Molly and pouted her lips disapprovingly and said, "Oh, Daniel is here.

Now, Eric won't be able to get on Brian's nerves and it will become quite boring."

Sitting next to her were both Wing and Mark, they both nodded agreeing with her and Mark even pouted like a small adult trying to mimic Shirley.

Richie smiled at them feeling helpless. "Did you really think that Brian was going to just sit back and let you guys carry out the small trick behind his back?" he questioned with a raised eyebrow. He looked at Shirley's disappointed face and continued, "I'm afraid as soon as Eric proposed it, Brian had already figured out how to deal with it. How could he possibly allow the man who has deep feelings for his bride to lead her down the aisle to him?"

Shirley and Wing knew that Richie was probably right. But, they still couldn't help feeling frustrated that they wouldn't have the chance to see Brian feel embarrassed at his own wedding.

Weston also had a helpless smile and whispered to Wing, "Don't miss the right moment for the wedding. You should go and see what's going on over there."

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