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   Chapter 843 Mol, I Love You (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 9430

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Molly settled quietly in front of the make-up mirror while the stylist applied pink gloss on her lips. A small crown inlaid with Swarovski crystals was laid on top of her head together with the wedding veil. The stylist made some final touches with her hair and make-up before she told Molly she was done. The stylist smiled at Molly through the mirror, satisfied with his creation. He nodded to his team and they left the apartment together.

The apartment was filled with so much joy. Eric and Ximena were there, as well as Cathy, Molly's maid of honor. She had just finished her big project and applied for a leave of absence just so she could be there at Molly's wedding, to be Molly's family. The three of them checked if everything was set for the wedding.

"Molly," Ximena said. Her eyes traveled on Molly from head to toe, to admire Molly's simplistic but noble hair, make-up, and impressive and fabulous strapless, fitted wedding dress. "You are the happiest and luckiest bride in the world." Ximena gushed.

"Thank you, Ximena." Filled with so much adrenaline, Molly was full of energy. She embraced Ximena in a tight hug and whispered,"We will all have a happy life."

"You are 100% right!" A bright and warm smile filled Ximena's face, who continued,"The one with the most love will end up with the most happiness."

Cathy, who was radiant in her pink floor-length one-shoulder dress, hugged Molly,"Oh my dear Molly, you look so positively gorgeous!" She released her hug round Molly to admire her beautiful wedding dress. Cathy could not help but compliment her dear friend,"It's really true. A woman is most beautiful when she is wearing her wedding dress!"

Molly's eyes met Ximena's and shared a huge laugh. Molly smiled at Cathy and said,"You will experience this day, too. One day." Their laughter magnificently filled the entire room.

Cathy raised an eyebrow and curled her lips as she recalled her past lovers in her mind. Her eyes shone bright with hope and said,"I won't be wearing a wedding dress on that day. I'll be wearing my military uniform while I get married on the field."

"Nothing is set in stone anyway and we don't know who you're going to marry just yet. So don't spend too much of your time worrying about it. There's no rush!" Molly teased Cathy. Her joke made everyone present laugh even harder, filling the room with so much happiness.

They continued to joke and tease each other until the time came for Molly to head to the ceremony. Eric, with his white suit, looked like a gentleman and nothing like the CEO that he was known for. There was no arrogance or wickedness in his face, only the same kind man that Molly met years ago for the first time.

"Mol- I don't know how long your name will be in my heart. But, no matter what happens, you'll always be dear Mol

or and stretched out his hands to invite Molly and guide her out of the vehicle. Eric led Molly to the blue and white gate, filled with green lily flowers and blue enchantress. As she held on to Eric's arms, she focused her gaze on Brian, who was waiting for her.

He had not shifted his gaze from Molly since she got off the car and walked to the red carpet. She was so pure and beautiful, an angel who got lost in the mundane world, wanting his safety and love.

At that moment, the world became still, so they won't disturb the angel. The peaceful breeze ruffled her gorgeous dress while the festive and soft music filled the fantasy-filled scene. This moment would highlight the life and future of both Molly and Brian.

As Molly walked towards him, Brian's mind filled with so many thoughts, 'Mol, I see you walk towards me step by step. After today, we will never leave each other for the rest of our lives. At this moment, I feel my heart jumping out of my throat. The excitement and happiness is overwhelming me. Did you know? Loving you, Mol, is the most beautiful and important oath in my life.'

The melodious music transitioned to the Wedding March.

As Eric led Molly to Brian, he whispered to Molly,"Molly, are you ready for this?"

"Yes, Eric, I'm ready." Watching Brian, standing at the end, she replied definitely. Finally, she was getting married to Brian and into the heaven of marriage with him, with the happiness of love and marriage. A smile formed on her lips at the thought of all that.

Hearing her determined answer, Eric beamed a faint smile and winked at her. The game is over and Brian has won. He led Molly to the one she really loved and the happiness she deserved.

"Wait!" Suddenly, an unexpected voice pierced the happy atmosphere. A hasty voice shouted,"Stop! I'm the only one who can lead her to the happiness she deserves!"


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