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   Chapter 842 Mol, I Love You (Part One)

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At first glance, you have given me hope and the desire to live. And at second glance, you gave me an uncertain glimpse in this snowy night. That was where our love started. The night, the snow, you, me, we all melted into this romantic relationship. When the sky teemed with heaps of snow and the snow covered the ground, our love is just like the copious snow, crystal, clean, white, strong, and forever. Mol, I love you. And my love for you is even purer than snow. ——Love, Brian.


The sun rose across the ocean over Dragon Island. The warm sunshine in this cold winter day lit everything in Dragon Island, guiding its people to find themselves in the hustle and bustle of their every day lives.

"Dear Molly, what do you think of this one?" With a huge smile, Shirley placed a huge album of wedding designs on the table in front of Molly. The album included all the prestigious wedding designs and decorations from a prestigious designer. She turned to Molly and said,"I'm very fond of his work. It's simple but magnificent." Shirley opened the album for Molly to see and said,"There's elegance with a hint of fantasy and flexibility, which is not easy to achieve, my dear." Shirley pointed to the photos and continued,"It'll be simple, not complicated, but still be exciting. It'll have nobility in its simplicity."

Molly listened to Shirley while she browsed through the album. The more she saw, the more excited she got, and the more excited she got, the brighter her eyes got. She loved all of them but her eyes were drawn to the last one of a photo of the wedding that was clearly inspired by pink and romance. She stared at the photo, carefully studying all the details she could see. She turned towards her mother-in-law and pointed to the photo,"Mom, do you think this can be done in blue?"

Shirley looked at the photo Molly referred to and nodded. "Of course," she replied. She looked into Molly's eyes and asked,"Do you want it in blue?"

Molly took a look at the photo again and let her mind memorize all the details before she replied firmly,"Yes, I want it in blue." Her lips curled up to reveal a sweet smile and her face and eyes beamed with happiness and excitement,"Bri loves me in blue." She caressed the elegant ring on her slender finger and spoke softly,"He gave me the blue Soul of K."

Shirley watched Molly's face change at the mention of Brian's name. She pursed her lips and said,"But that's Brian's favorite. You should choose the one you like and want."

"I also like blue," Molly replied almost immediately. Molly's face changed from excited to serious a

ch pain the past few years, I am so happy to finally marry the one I love, who loves me, too. I cannot believe I could ever be this happy again. It feels like a dream in the daylight, a bubble in the summer air. I keep waiting for it to break in the sunshine."

Even though she sobbed heavy sighs, she had a huge smile on her face. She continued,"But I know, this time, it's true. I will have my happiness. Mom, Dad, are you happy for me, too?" With her head lifted towards the sky, her tears kept running down from her eyes to her cheeks and from her face. "I am very happy now, but I am also upset, Mom, Dad, because you are not here with me in my happiness."

Molly bit her lips and closed her eyes. "You're not here. And Daniel can't attend my wedding either because he's in the military." She exhaled deeply, her heart in deep sorrow for the absence of her family in her wedding. It's such a pity that, in the most important part of her life, her family, the people she cared the most about, would not able to witness her happiness.

She inhaled deeply before she opened her eyes to look at the stars once again,"But it's okay, I will give my best effort to always be happy and to build a warm and happy family, too. You don't need to worry about me anymore, Mom and Dad. I will take good care of myself, as well as Daniel."

The stars twinkled against the dark sky and Molly felt so much warmth and relief and she knew it was her parents. And they were finally happy that their daughter has found her true love and the happy life she's worked hard for.

The sun rose bright and warm the next day. A new day was coming, promising a grand event that carried so much romantic love and beautiful happiness to the new couple.

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