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   Chapter 840 You Will Understand Life When You Understand Love (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7247

Updated: 2019-06-18 00:12

"I want you in my life forever! I want you in my world forever! You're the most precious thing in my life.

You are my world."

Molly gazed at Brian for a long time. His words were like a catchy tune that stayed in your head. Her nose grew sore and tears formed in her eyes.

He almost never talked so sweetly. But why did she remember it every time he did so? How could he move her so deeply? How could he make her feel so sweet, like there was honey in her heart?.

Eric and Wing were taking a peek at the outside of the Glamour Hall. And Mark wedged his head between them. When Mark saw how the Glamour Hall had changed, his mouth opened wide. You could have fit a pigeon's egg in there.

"Well," Eric sighed while shaking his head, "Brian is not one for grand gestures. But this? This is beyond the pale!"

Wing was actually relieved. She had worried about Brian and Molly for a long time. She stroked her chest and said, "Oh wow. I thought I got it wrong. They punked me. Look at all this!"

Eric laughed heartily and looked at Wing, "Brian knew we were following him. He's not dumb. So he put on an act, and fooled all of us!" Looking around at the decorations in the yard, Eric went on, sighing, "Looks like Brian asked someone to decorate the Long Family Mansion after we took off." 'Good show, brother!' Eric said to himself, 'Not only did you pull off a miracle, but you scared us in the process!'

Wing was all smiling and said, "I'm so jealous. My guy doesn't have a romantic bone in his body! Molly is a lucky gal!"

"But Aunt Wing," Mark said, disagreeing. "This is all old-hat."

"..." Wing froze, with a strangely immobile smile on her face. Mark didn't notice. He was still peering around the place, still in the middle of his critique.

He pursed his lips and said, "You can see all this when you watch TV. It's nothing new..." Frowning, Mark looked at Brian, then turned to Molly and said, "But Mommy seems to like it."

Eric chimed in, "Pipe down, rugrat. Say something nice for a change." Eric gave Mark a disapproving look. "As long as it works, it doesn't matter," Eric added.

Mark just twitched his lips, and said nothin

he stood up and took the lilies in his hand, then walked over to Molly slowly and deliberately. He stood in front of her. In front of every member of the Long Family, Brian got down on his knee slowly.

"I won't lock you in anywhere, except in my heart, and I want the key to yours." Brian gazed Molly firmly, and his voice was magnetic and low. "I still want to hear your answer, here, in front of everyone. We both know the answer, but... Molly, will you marry me?"

Although everyone knew that there was only one answer to Brian's question, but as usual when this question was asked, the tension was so thick you could cut it with a knife.

Molly smiled, but tears kept running from her eyes and she couldn't control it at all. She looked at the man on one knee. The man in front of her could die for her, could suffer everything for her. Now he was getting down on his knee for her. If she could have such a husband who loved her so much, what more would she ask for?

"I do..." Molly answered firmly. Her voice was choked with sobs.

A smile found its way onto Brian's face. He stood up and took out a red little box from his pocket and opened it slowly. To Molly's surprise, the ring with the Soul of K was in it. Brian took the ring and put it around Molly's finger and said, "My love has never changed from the very beginning... My love is bound with the Soul of K. I will protect you and your happiness with my blood forever."

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