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   Chapter 839 The Proposal (Part Five)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7159

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"Who said I was withdrawing my bet? A deal is a deal, no one should retreat," he blurted out. In his heart, he was afraid that he might lose. He knew how love could sometimes change people. However, his stubborn spirit would not let him. He had to accept the challenge, there was no backing down now. He knew that Wing was not just making a bet with him from pure interest or jest only. She was also doing it to give him an opportunity to sort out his complicated and tangled heart, so that he might sincerely wish Brian and Molly all the best happiness. Wing knew that this was something which Molly secretly desired. There would be no way around it. Molly's love would concede to every other emotion except the straight, thorough affection for the one she loved. Eric needed to give up.

"If you lose," he started to place his bid, "then I want Weston to come to the National Congress and work as my executive counselor." His eyes flickered slyly and evilly at Wing, waiting for her answer. He knew it would be a hard decision for her. After all Weston had always rejected the idea of partaking in any of their family businesses.

Wing was silent. She scoured Eric with slow, pensive eyes for a moment before she came to her own conclusion. "Okay, you've got the deal," she replied in a firm, assured voice. Mark looked up at Wing, and then at Eric, not knowing which of them would lead the race to the final success.

Wing and Eric high-fived to officially seal the bet. Then, with a curious, strong desire to discover the truth, they hurried off after Molly and Brian.


In the restaurant, the atmosphere was warm and pleasant. The melody of the classical music wafted in the air when the soft, colorful lights looming over everything in the room. It was as if the whole restaurant had been crafted in a dream world and fabricated from a magic spell.

In this glamorous and mysterious place, a ray of soft, red light lingered over a table in the center of the room, where Brian and Molly were seated. There was no one else in the room. It was as if the place had been specially designed for them.

Molly delicately sipped her

ly deserted.

Molly did not find the place different from any other days. It was just that the lights were not on. 'Maybe the maid forgot to turn the lights on?' she thought mindlessly. Walking in silence behind Brian, she entered the gate and walked through the front door.

Just as she was going to ask Brian to turn on the lights, she heard a loud click that came from above. In an instant, the whole place was lit up as brightly as if it were daytime. Lights of various sizes, and shaped like stars, moons, and flowers hung from the tall ceiling as balloons suddenly came floating down. The space had been turned into a palace fit for a princess. There were also lights that hung from the walls, and their soft, warm light filled the air with a warm, mystical glow.

Molly stood transfixed, as if turned to stone by her surprise, and she could only gawk around the fairy-tale space Brian had created for her. Then she heard his warm timbre filled voice as he spoke, "A lifetime is as short as a meteor sliding through the sky. I don't want to waste my life being alone and not having you at my side. I love you. I love you so much. I love you more than I could ever have known possible.

Meeting you has been the happiest, most blessed moment of my life. Now we have been through so much to be together. I am wondering if you would give me the chance to continue loving you, to protect you, and be with you forever?"

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