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   Chapter 838 The Proposal (Part Four)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6792

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Scanning over the dresses one by one, her eyes finally settled on a blue dress that had delicate flowers embroidered on it. She remembered how Brian's eyes had flashed with passionate light when she had worn a similar blue dress when she was out on a date with him previously. "He should like me in this blue dress," she softly murmured to herself and slipped it on. In addition to that, she wore a mink coat over her dress to compliment the color. 'This is not enough! I need some makeup.' She sat down in front of her dresser and began doing her hair and makeup.

After all of the preparations were done, Molly looked at herself in the mirror with a sense of contentment for a while. Suddenly she realized that an hour had already passed since she had left Brian downstairs. With a quiet and awkward grin, she grabbed her purse and hurried from the room.

Brian was sitting on the couch, quietly reading the newspapers. He had always been very patient at everything. Waiting while she dressed herself was a small matter to him.

"Well... I..." Molly drawled seductively as she walked slowly down the stairs and advanced on him. Her heart was fluttering now, beating like a bewildered bird.

Brian lifted his head and rested his eyes on her. After the hard and intense training by the Golden Flowers, Molly had learned to make herself look attractive and draw others' attention.

And right now, she could see the effect of her efforts as Brian's eyes became fully absorbed and flickered with fascination. "I reserved the table for half past six," Brian looked at his watch as he added. "We've still got half an hour to hang around." Then he rose from his seat and took Molly's hands to draw her close to him. "You look amazing," he said softly with his hot eyes roving over her delicate figure.

Molly's cheeks burned feverishly at his compliment. After all, he was the kind of person who would rarely offer a compliment on anything. Pouting her lips shyly, Molly lowered her head to avoid looking into his burning, passio

d related to a proposal, and you can bet on whatever you like. You know why? Because you are doomed to lose," he said, smiling slyly at Wing.

"Well then," Wing lifted her brows with a negligent, indifferent expression on her face and accepted Eric's provocation, "if you lose, you will have to be Brian's best man," she proclaimed, smiling in defiance.

Her terms were a direct blow for Eric.

He could not help choking at the sudden impact of her request. "Wing, are you going to be that cruel?" he cried loud in shock. The idea had not at all entered the realm of his mind, that he would be forced to fulfill a position at Brian's wedding as the best man. He thought it would be so awkward to play such a role, especially considering that he was the ruler of Dragon Island right now.

"Why? Don't you have the nerve to do that?" Clearly noting his concern, Wing laughed out loud with irony. "It is not too late if you want to withdraw your bet, you know. And don't worry. You have my word. I won't mock you," she said, her voice resonant and triumphant. Although her mouth promised to be forgiving, Eric could clearly see from her gloating, bright eyes that she had every intention of playing jokes on him and teasing him forever. This was something which he didn't want. It would not be tolerated by his usual haughty and insolent manner.

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