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   Chapter 837 The Proposal (Part Three)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7127

Updated: 2019-06-17 10:38

"I was just thinking about some things," Molly said casually, but her eyebrows lifted subconsciously at the turmoil in her heart.

Mark winked and smiled at her with a hint of certainty in his young eyes. "You are not pleased because Papa Brian hasn't proposed to you, right?" he asked, looking into her eyes and waited for her confession.

Molly was taken aback by his words. Her lips trembled and she was silent for some time, not knowing how to make excuses for her obvious displeasure which had already unraveled in front of Mark.

Mark grinned, revealing his adorable dimpled cheeks. "Mommy..." he drawled, staring sardonically at her.

Bewildered by his presence and the way he was digging into things, Molly frowned sullenly and pinched his cheeks lightly, motioning for him to stop his questioning.

However, her actions intrigued Mark even more. His eyes kept twinkling at her above a wonderful, bright and golden smile mounted on his face. "Mommy, I have a message for you from Aunt Wing. She asked you not to marry Papa Brian if he doesn't propose to you. I kind of agree with her point on this thing. I think it is a little degrading to marry a man without first receiving his proposal. What do you think?" he asked cheekily.

Molly's mind went even glummer upon hearing his words. "Mark, was Papa Brian there when your Aunt Wing said this to you?" she asked Mark rather nervously, suddenly thinking of the possibility that Brian might had already known her intention.

Mark, seeing to the heart of her concerns, pursed his lips and considered for a while before he shook his head in denial and said, "I don't think Papa Brian is aware..." His voice trailed off as he was not actually certain about Brian's awareness of their discussion. "I think Aunt Wing would not tell Papa Brian. She knows the wedding would lose its meaning if he were pushed into making a proposal first. It ought to be him that makes the proposal of his own free will," he concluded in a grown-up manner rather beyond his years.

Molly's mind darkened with a deep sense of disappointment and she felt a touch of helplessness. She knew

teric eyes for some time. Then he spoke as if unconcerned, "No, it is only the two of us."

Molly's eyes lit up with delight at his words. It was as if his words were gifts that were specially made to please her. She looked as happy as the sun that had just risen above the clouds. "I will go change!" she cried with vivid glee in her voice.

And in a flash, she rushed upstairs, to their bedroom. Her heart beat violently as if it would explode if this excessive feeling of passion went any further. 'Why are only the two of us going to dinner? Why? Is he finally going to propose to me?' her heart mechanically repeated a staccato of these questions over and over again.

Her cheeks flushed deeply all the way down to her neck as the thrill pumped through her veins like an electric current. She clenched her hands into hard fists and forced herself to calm down. She closed her eyes and laid her hands over her chest for some time before she could finally manage to open the wardrobe and select her dress.

However, standing in front of the wardrobe full of dresses of different colors and styles, she had a hard time making up her mind on which one she should wear. They were mostly bought by Brian. Apparently he liked to see her in a dress. But now, for this special moment, maybe the most exciting moment of her life, she needed to choose a dress that would make her look the most beautiful and attractive.

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