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   Chapter 836 The Proposal (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7020

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Taoyuan Zhongzheng International Airport.

Dressed in light blue jeans and a white V-collar T-shirt, Spark arrived at the airport with his suitcase in tow.

In addition to his casual outfit, he wore a pair of tan sunglasses which made him look cool and aloof from the crowds gathered in the airport. After signing his boarding pass, he stopped to look around. There was not even one familiar face in the airport that he could talk to, nor was anyone seeing him off. He felt a single strand of loneliness in his heart then.

Breathing deeply to calm his disturbed heart and searching for some cheer, he dragged his suitcase over to the check-in before moving through the gate to wait for his flight. He sat down and studied the other passengers who were waiting there for the same plane as he was. 'Maybe everyone here is the same as me. Perhaps they are also heading towards a new destination which might be about to change their lives all over again.' he mused to himself.

However, he was not aware that Scott was in fact there, hiding behind a pole, watching him since the moment he arrived at the airport. It was rather sorrowful and aching for Scott to see Spark sitting at the airport all alone, by himself with no one for company. The feeling especially intensified upon reflecting on Spark's past insolence and how this contrasted so starkly with his ever haughty manner.

"Dad," Ivan's voice spoke to Scott, "if you want to say farewell to him, just go ahead and say it. There is no need to be so tense and hiding back here." He prompted idly with an absent look on his face. Ivan had always been the haughtiest and unruliest one in the family. At the moment, he was dressed in jeans, a T-shirt and a pair of large, dark sunglasses, with an over-the-knee coat in the same dark color as his glasses, and a pair of leather gloves. Between the black padded fingers, he clasped a cigar that made him look even more like a gangster.

"You little brat," Scott glared at him reproachfully and stormed. "If you had any balls, you'd go and say something yourself."

With a careless shr

d and took it from him.


The Long Family Mansion, the Glamour Hall.

This was where Richie used to live. All the decorations were made based on his own requests at that time. The displays about the building were all in a black and white color scheme, which very much reflected their owner's calm but sophisticated demeanor. Richie was truly the straight and direct kind of person who had distinct, clear boundaries between things he liked and those he detested. This absolute contrast of black and white was the embodiment of his character.

Sitting on the couch in the living room, Molly's eyes roved about the room. As if she was influenced by this vivid contrast of the two extremely opposite colors, her mind gradually became contradicted and diverted into the complete different things as well. On one hand, she felt she could not wait to marry Brian and start their life together; but on the other, she was also disappointed that she had not actually received Brian's proposal. This inevitably filled her heart with imperfection and doubt. It spoiled her happiness at the prospects of this perfect occasion.

"Mommy," came a vibrant, sweet voice from behind her. She turned instinctively to look for the speaker. It was Mark who came rushing to her after freeing his hand from Shirley's. "Why are you here alone?" he cried as he hugged Molly and leaned his head against her chest.

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