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   Chapter 835 The Proposal (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6937

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A lifetime is as short as a meteor sliding through the sky. If I don't seize the right moment to fight for the person I love, I shall never get a second chance. So I want to let you know with this pledge that for my whole life, I have never regretted falling in love with you, and that you are the one who has made my life full and rich...

On the return flight to Dragon Island, the atmosphere was awkward and weird on the plane.

For the whole trip, Wing and Molly had been busily whispering over something. It seemed they were conspiring and planning something in secret.

Before they had even boarded the plane, they had ordered Weston and Brian to sit in the front seats which were quite a distance from them. It was as if they had done so on purpose to avoid letting the men overhear their girls' talk.

With a negligent and indifferent look on his face, Brian took out a business magazine from the seat pouch and started reading it as if he had no interest in what Wing and Molly could possibly have to talk about.

Unlike his ever calmness, Weston turned his head from time to time, and stared at the two women and tried to get a hint of their conversation. It fascinated him that Wing was so absorbed in her discussion with Molly, and he wondered at Molly's puzzled and captivated expression as well. Unable to restrain himself further, Weston spoke to Brian in a low voice, "The girls has been whispering the whole trip. I wonder what has so fascinated them?"

Glancing quickly up at the girls, Brian shrugged and continued reading his magazine. "There is nothing about Molly which would fascinate Wing more than our coming wedding. They are probably talking about the ceremony and reception. Otherwise, what else would it be?" he said in a level voice, his attitude casual and reserved as ever.

Weston grinned as he turned to Brian with a pitiful look on his face. "Wing has been waiting her whole life for the day that you finally marry Molly. Now that the days are finally counting down, she would of course be thrilled. I'm sure that she has so much to

ut the cost. Nothing could compare to Wing's health and happiness. You should only concern yourself with taking good care of her and being by her side whenever she needs you, shouldn't you?"

Noting his own overreaction and deep concern for his wife, Weston smiled awkwardly and said, "You are right. I should only love her more than ever." His eyes glistened with a fixed and determined light as he continued, "Only her health matters. As long as her life is full and happy, I would be willing to sacrifice anything, even my own life."

Lifting his mouth slightly upward into a small, subtle smile, Brian nodded his head in consent. Loving Molly more than himself, he understood the feeling which Weston experienced. The men did not speak further after that. Each of them slipped into his own private reverie and dream world. But, among all the other things that had played out, they each knew one thing for sure, the common denominator was their commitment to overcome any difficulties which love had thrown at them. Weston and Wing, after having suffered such hardships, now were finally together and about to start a fresh new life chapter.

Hope and yearning made the happy couple soar, and the plane became an eagle carrying them with great wings above the white smoke of the grievous past. Their new life was like a bright, blue sky, filled with the promise of tomorrow.

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