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   Chapter 834 Getting Together (Part Three)

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Ivan burst into laughter. He said, "You've been planning this a long time. You're lucky dad hasn't figured it out yet. If he knows you have the chance but don't take it, he'd probably blow his top and end up in the hospital again..." After signing all the documents, he pressed a button and summoned his secretary. She came and took all the documents out of the office. Then he stood up and walked over to the wine cabinet, pouring two glasses. Glasses of wine in hand, he walked towards Spark. Handing him a glass, Ivan sat down beside him. "C'mon Spark, do it. It's the chance of a lifetime," he said.

Spark took one more look at the business card in his hand. "But I'm afraid..." he sighed deeply, throwing the business card on the tea table in front of him and leaning backward against the sofa. "What if it's not all it's cracked up to be?"

Taking a look at the business card on the table, Ivan picked it up and scanned it. "You're impossible," he stated. He placed the business card back onto the table, slowly, deliberately. Giving Spark a meaningful glance, he continued, "Like mother, like son. Just like her, you want something but won't actually take it, even when it's right in front of you."

As soon as he heard what Ivan had said, Spark gave him a cold glare.

Without waiting for Spark to respond, he swished the wine around in the glass. Then he shrugged and said, "You know it's true. And I don't care what you think. Daddy and Harrow babied you, but I'm not them." As the eldest child of the Su Family, Ivan had had a childhood different from that of Harrow or Spark. At a very early age, he had known that his dad had had a mistress. He hadn't liked it, but he still accepted his half-brother into the family. He continued, "They felt bad, because dad couldn't keep it in his pants. So they always let you do whatever you wanted. But, Spark, you're not a kid anymore. They can't protect you forever..."

Spark's face looked gloomy. He was disgusted with what Ivan said, but he had to admit he was right. "Don't lecture me..." Yes, Ivan was right,

ousness, Eric told her about the engagement ceremony. Stealing a furtive glance at Brian, who was at another table, she leaned over closer to Molly and half-whispered, "You wanna marry him right? Don't forget he's the impatient one."

Hearing that, Molly felt happy in her heart. Of course she knew Brian couldn't wait to marry her, but something came to mind at the same time.

"But all the plans have been made. The date's set." Molly frowned.

"Still. It kinda makes it less special, right?" Wing asked, frowning. Then she talked about how Richie had proposed to Shirley many years ago and how Weston had proposed to her. Due to her lively description, Molly couldn't help but envy Wing and Shirley. Wing's words made her really want Brian to formally propose. "Think about. Once you're married, he's never going to propose to you," Wing said.

Molly could do nothing but envy Wing from her heart. Every girl longed for a storybook style marriage, and of course she was no exception. She and Brian had been through a lot before they finally got together. She wanted her wedding ceremony to be perfect and magical.

Brian and Weston were done talking. Taking a look at Molly with his deep eyes, he saw that she was lost in thought. Brian frowned slightly and glared at Wing, who wore a smirk on her face. In a cold voice, he asked, "Wing, what did you say to Mol?"


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