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   Chapter 833 Getting Together (Part Two)

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Hearing that, Brian sighed silently. As bad as he felt for her, he knew Mark had it worse. He'd need his mom more than anything else after he woke up. "I get it. Be back soon," he said.

Molly nodded. Brian left quietly and closed the door gently. She felt empty all of a sudden.

It was not like she walked into this blind. She knew that Brian's life was a bloody one. Two years ago, when she had decided to stand by his side, she had realized that her life would be totally different. Everything would change. But when it came down to it, she freaked out. She hadn't expected that. Even if it had been necessary to kill them, she still felt sad when a vibrant life ended by her hand.

Leaning against the head of the bed, Molly closed her eyes. But she found this was no release. Everything that had happened on the ship invaded her thoughts, and she relived it all. A shot rang out, a foe fell. And the worst part was that sometimes they died with their eyes open. She had had to steel her heart against pity and fight violently. If she hadn't, they would have no qualms about killing her or Brian.

When she thought of Brian, her heart began to calm down. When she had fought at his side, there had been no time to think of anything else. There had been only one aim in her mind--to keep herself safe, and to prevent him from getting injured because of her. She didn't want that to happen again.

As time went by, the night finally gave way to dawn. The morning light began burning in the east like fire. The warm light made its way inside the room through the windows, declaring the beginning of a new day. A new day meant better things.

Brian and Eric worked hard to destroy every trace of evidence that they'd ever been on the ship. They worked covertly, but even where local law enforcement held sway, the authorities didn't stop them. It was as if they'd turned a blind eye to the pair's actions. And why not? They'd saved the police a great deal of trouble. They didn't have to put themselves in harm's way. Not only that but Brian and Eric had also closed a criminal case that they hadn't been able t

an, who was talking with Weston aside. Then she secretly took a small box out of her bag and handed it to Wing, "Hide it, quick," she added.

As soon as she saw the small box, Wing's eyes shone. In a hurry, she took it from Molly and hid it somewhere. Then she said, "You know me well."

Raising her eyebrows, Molly replied in a low voice, "Of course." She paused and added, "But this is the last time. If he finds out, he'll kill me. You know he always wears a poker face."

Wing pursed her lips with a smile. Her energetic eyes always gave out a youthful light that didn't match her age.


In Taipei.

Spark sat on the sofa in the CEO's Office of the Su Group, their family business, on the top floor of the building. He sat there leisurely with his legs crossed. The sunlight shone on his body, bathing half of his face in light and the other half in darkness.

In one of his hands there was a dark blue business card, in English, and the words were printed in silver.

Ivan was signing documents at the desk. He raised his eyes slightly to take a look at Spark, his half-brother, who was sitting opposite. Then he lowered his eyes again to attend to the business on his desk. In a plain tone, he asked, "When do you plan to go there?"

Hearing his brother's question, Spark frowned. Raising his eyes to look at Ivan, who was wearing a scheming smile, he shouted, "Harrow has a big mouth!"

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