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   Chapter 832 Getting Together (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7286

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Every hopeful moment is the result of a silly and naive past.


Pistol in hand, Eric moved forward step by step, carefully and quietly, looking around furtively. His sharp eyes would pick up any movement, anything out of place. His steps were light yet serious. Since most of their opponents had been drawn away by Brian and Molly, he didn't meet many people along the way. So he was able to get under the deck of the ship quickly from the port side.

Looking around, Eric's gaze finally fell on the exhaust window. With his eyes fixed on it, he thought for a short while. Then he placed his hands on the ladder to the deck as a support, springing to his feet and jumping onto the exhaust window.

As soon as he reached the entrance, his cellphone buzzed in his pocket. Frowning, he pressed a button on his Bluetooth headset to answer.

"Mr. Eric Long," a member of Shadow Organization, in charge of keeping watch around the perimeter of the amusement park, addressed Eric, "the young master has been found."

Eric stopped, then quickly got out of the exhaust window and rushed below decks. He wanted to confirm what he had just heard. "What did you say?"

"The little master has been found. They didn't take him away and we got him to safety," the person on the other end of the phone answered in an urgent tone. "He's giving his statement to the cops right now."

Hearing the good news, a joyful light appeared in Eric's eyes. He hung up the phone as soon as possible and called Brian right away.

Back to back, Brian and Molly were about to retreat belowdecks when Brian's phone rang. Giving Molly a sign to wait for a minute, he pressed the button to pick up, and Eric's voice came through his headset immediately.

"We probably need to take these guys out if we want to bail," Brian said in an indifferent yet solemn voice. "If I'm not wrong, we're completely surrounded."

After being silent for a moment, Eric said, "Then let's do a good deed on our way out." He didn't want to miss the chance to make fun of his cousin, "Brian, I think your men are slacking. You need to run them through some extra drills so they don't wet themselves in combat."

mies' blood, they looked like vampires who had crept out of the dark night.

Brian called the cops, telling them what had happened and asking them to clean up the mess they left. Then they came back to the hotel together and cleaned up.

After that stressful night, Molly seemed particularly tired. She'd killed quite a few people tonight. She ran to the bathroom quickly, dry heaving now that the adrenaline wore off. Soon after, she washed up and came into the main room.

"Get some rest. Okay?" Brian touched Molly's face, which looked a bit pale, with his hand, and gave her a soft kiss on her forehead. He felt bad for her.

"What about you?" Molly asked in a somewhat hoarse voice. She stared at Brian, her reddened eyes not blinking.

Seeing the uneasiness in her eyes, Brian felt sad but he hid it. "There's gonna be some blowback from what we just did..." he said. Hearing that, Molly got worried. Seeing this reflected in her eyes, he could do nothing but hold her. He tried to comfort her, "Don't worry. Eric and I will handle everything. You know that, right?"

Nodding silently in Brian's embrace, Molly said sulkily, "Yeah."

"Hmm," Brian said, releasing Molly. "We've had a hell of a night. Get some rest. Be back soon."

Molly turned him down. She shook her head and said in a low voice, "No, I want to see Mark when he wakes up. He's not gonna be a happy camper." As a mother, she cared more about her kid than herself.

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