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   Chapter 831 Siege On The High Seas (Part Two)

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"Who are these guys? Any intel?" asked Brian.

Eric shook his head and said, "They're not saying, and the cops need more time to figure it out."

Brian frowned and took out his phone, accessing XK's special network. His fingers danced over the keys, sending out a series of commands.

Molly was beside herself with worry, but she knew she needed to try and keep it together. Brian needed to focus on Mark, and not have to worry about her.

"Molly, leave this problem to me and Brian. We'll take care of it. Just wait here," Eric suggested. He was very concerned about Molly.

Molly shook her head, forcing herself to hold back the overwhelming inner anxiety, and said, "I'm fine." She paused, looking towards Brian, "You don't get it. I'm his mom. He's in danger, and I'm supposed to do...nothing? I need to go. He needs me."

Hearing this, Eric knew he'd be wasting his breath, not to mention precious time. He stopped trying to persuade her and just nodded, his heart heavy.

Molly didn't want to wait, but at the moment, that was all they could do.

As the hours wore on, so did the negotiations. But they still couldn't agree on the terms. It was deadlock.

Eric was the picture of regret. He blamed himself for letting Mark tag along, much less leaving him in the amusement park.

But he did, and he had to face up to it. Regret wouldn't change a thing.

Brian's cell phone suddenly made a sound.

Hearing the cell phone click softly, Brian hurriedly checked his phone to get a look at the data. Touching the screen to wake up the phone, he focused his black eyes on the message coming from XK.

After he took it in, he frowned and said, "The terrorists have already withdrawn—with the hostages."

"Where did they go?" Molly asked hurriedly.

"Tell you on the way," said Brian. Brian cast a glance at the police who were still at the scene before he ran back to his car and got in, and Eric climbed into his vehicle as well. The two men revved up the RPMs and roared off in their cars, heading to the coast.

The two autos raced along their way, Eric's car following Brian's. On the way they talked on the phone. "You mean they're heading to the high seas?" Eric asked while putting on a Bluetooth headset.

"Yeah," Brian answered, "If that's true we need to get to their ship before they set out. Once that ship starts moving, they could go anywhere." He spoke gravely of the situation. "I guess these guys are pretty rich."

Eric's eyebrows knitted in a frown. "If we hurry, we can catch up to them."

"I hope we're not too late." As they talked, the cars were well away from the urban dist

-to-back, watchful as two hawks. Along the way, they encountered another terrorist, then another, then three more. They gunned them down ruthlessly, efficiently, as they made their way along, until Molly's gun made an empty click when she tried to gun down another one.

"I'm out," Molly said in a low voice when she squeezed the trigger and nothing happened.

"Eject the magazine."

Molly did as Brian said. At the exact moment she discarded the magazine, Brian stepped forwards and quickly slammed a new magazine into her pistol.

Molly quickly chambered a round and thumbed the safety off. Then she continued to move forwards. After she killed a few terrorists, she heard Brian say, "Catch!" He'd found another EVO 3 and tossed it at her.

Nimbly, she holstered her pistol and caught the SMG he threw. She propped the gun on her shoulder, discovering a terrorist in his hidey-hole through the scope. It only took a single shot to take him down.

"Bri..." Hearing Molly call his name, Brian looked back at her. Beads of sweat dripped down her face. "I think this is a trap," she said. "Shouldn't there be more of them?"

Brian frowned, his eyes glinting, "I'm afraid they're below deck."

Molly swallowed again. Looking towards the staircase which led to the bottom. "Are they there?" she asked anxiously.

Brian didn't answer. He changed positions with her again. Brian led the way, and Molly followed him. They made their way slowly towards the staircase together.

A storm was blowing outside, and the wind blew cavernously through the bulkheads. The waves were hammering the ship the same way her heart hammered in her chest. The roaring sound sent a chill up her spine.

Molly knew they were heading into unknown danger

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