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   Chapter 830 Siege On The High Seas (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 8614

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Whether good times or bad, we'll get through it all together.


The warm sunlight kissed the ground, turning it as bright as gold. The gentle breeze made everyone feel better.

"What a beautiful day! I love the sunshine." A husky, yet softly spoken voice came with the gentle breeze, and people's faces brightened.

There was a woman in a wheelchair. She raised her head slightly, watching as the sun slowly set. Her long, silky hair flew in the breeze. A smile could be seen on her face, which indicated her yearning for life.

Weston squatted beside the wheelchair. He took Wing's hand in his and gazed at her with affection. "Look at that. You're the goddess of spring. You wake up and everything comes back to life," he said, tenderly.

Wing slowly dropped her head, raising her other hand and gently caressing his face. He used to be so dynamic and strong. But now he was clearly emaciated. A dark stubble shrouded his chin and he looked very haggard.

"Weston, I'm sorry you had to worry about me that long." There was a slight quiver in her voice as she said this and her eyes began to cloud with tears. But she still struggled to smile because she knew that was what Weston wanted to see.

Weston stroked her hand tenderly. He shook his head and said with a smile, "Don't apologize. You woke up, and that's the best gift I ever got." He stood himself up and held Wing in his arms. His cheek brushed gently against her hair. Fighting against the excitement that threatened to overwhelm him, he said slowly, "I was afraid you'd never wake up. That you'd leave me here alone."

"Oh God no. I came back to you." Wing's eyes were getting red. When she was in a coma, she did not know what Weston went through, but she knew he must have been in great pain. She didn't want him to endure the bitter taste of misery anymore. Not anymore.

Weston held Wing tightly, afraid that she would disappear. On that day, when he went to Dr. Hayley and asked about the results of the operation, he felt as if his heart would stop beating from nervousness. Though he had prepared for the worst, he was still afraid to hear the bad news from Dr. Hayley. He preferred to hope for the best.

"The operation was a success," said Dr. Hayley, smiling as she removed her mask, eyes full of joy and excitement, "Miss Long is an extremely strong-willed woman. I know the surgery was dangerous, but she pulled through."

Hearing the news, he wept with joy. At that moment, his blood seemed to boil.

His heart thumped with excitement. And he was even so excited that he fainte

Wing also knew that she had to take good care of herself. Not to mention that she was a clever woman and she also sensed a tension in the air after the call.

Watching them go upstairs, Molly turned to look at Brian and asked, "What happened?"


"Bri!" Molly cut in and said seriously, "You told me, no matter what happens, we'll face it together." I'm not the same Molly I used to be."

Brian heaved a long sigh and said, "Mark could be in danger."

Molly's face went ashen after the words sank in. Though she heard him clearly and understood what he was saying, she still could not believe it. "What?" she asked.

"Let's get going. Tell you on the way." Brian tried not to waste a single minute. He took Molly by the hand and raced to the parking lot where his car had parked. After they got into the car, Brian sped off toward Eric's office, recounting roughly what Eric told him over the phone.

The anxious look on Molly face was quite obvious. She might be a brave woman, but this was little Mark! In danger! How could she stay calm?

"Bri, nothing bad's gonna happen to him. He'll be okay." Molly tried to get some comfort from Brian.

Brian cast a reassuring glance at her. Then he peered into the distance, stepping on the gas.

The car sped through the heavy traffic. Because of the lockdown, it took them half an hour to get to the branch office.

"Any news?" Brian wasted no time getting out and asked Eric.

Eric had a glum face and looked upset. He said, "A terrorist organization clashed with government forces and they took hostages. They just got off the phone with the terrorists. Law enforcement refused to give in to their demands, so negotiations are stalled."

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