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   Chapter 829 Wing Is Receiving A Critical Operation (Part Three)

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After a pause, Brian pulled the crying Molly closer to him, gently put his arm around her shoulder, and said slowly, "Remember when I told you about what happened to me at Dragon Mountain?" He had a light smile, full of self-mockery and helplessness, continuing, "You know what? I made a mistake. It wasn't Becky, but Ruby. So… " Then, he looked at Molly and continued. "The girl I met was Mol."

After a gentle sigh, he continued, "That year, I walked out of the Hell Forest in defeat. I couldn't even meet the goals I set for myself. And I got injured in the deal." Brian eyes become far-reaching. "When I went back to Dragon Island to heal the injury, I was really running away. I was crushed, and humiliated. I couldn't even face myself.

I went back to Dragon Mountain. I'm not a loser, and had to prove it. I failed again. I sprained muscles all over my legs, because of my stupidity, and then got stuck in a cave. "He squeezed Molly tighter, but just a little. "If I hadn't met her, my leg might be lost forever. No one else could get to me in time."

Brian cast a glance at Molly. "When she was a little girl, she saw me with a gun in my hand, but she wasn't scared at all… Maybe she didn't know what kind of danger she was in." With the sad violin melody, he smiled lightly. "It's hard to imagine that such a little girl would go to the woods to find a long vine, tie it to a tree and threw to me, so I could pull myself out of the cave through the vine."

Brian's cold face was filled with nostalgia for the past. "Later, you found me and talked to me. I know you were doing your best to calm me down, but I didn't need it as I was already cheered up by Molly. Everyone has a guardian angel, and when two people in love turn out to be each other's angels, how cool is that?"

"You've been through a lot with Weston. But you two never give up and are still guarding each other. And this was no accident--it was fate." Brian's voice was now a little hoarse, and

Just as the three couldn't be more worried, there was a 3-car pileup on the highway leading to the city, and they had to slow down and wait til the wreckage was cleared.

Shirley kept checking the time anxiously. As soon as they got off the plane, they called Brian. Then they knew that the operation had taken more than 12 hours. But it wasn't done yet.

"Wing is still in surgery. So, nothing bad's happened to her yet," said Richie, comforting Shirley, holding her hand more tightly.

Shirley was anxiously looking at Richie, nodding. Yet, she couldn't help but feel even more fearful.

Mark was very quietly sitting in his seat, very sad. He'd spent time away from his loved relatives, so Wing's condition didn't make him feel any better.

It was an hour before the road was clear. By the time the car arrived at the hospital, it was already dark and gloomy. There was no light at all in the sky. The weather was so heavy that it was hard for people to take a breath.

Richie and Shirley took Mark to the floor of the operating room through the special elevator. As the three rushed to the operating room, the doors flew open.

At the same time, Weston and others rushed out of the surgery observation area. Everyone looked at Dr. Hayley, held their breath and asked earnestly, "How'd it go?"

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