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   Chapter 828 Wing Is Receiving A Critical Operation (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 5832

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Eric's face was getting heavier and heavier. He thought, 'So she has septicemia, and the bad blood cells in her body are eating the good ones thanks to her coma, and if they can't reverse it...' He shut down the thought, and asked earnestly, "What are her chances, then?"

The doctor thought for a while, and at last said grimly, "Thirty percent."

"What? That low?" Eric frowned at once.

"That's if she's lucky." That meant the success rate could be lower. Meanwhile, the doctor's face was also extremely heavy. Because Wing was staying in their hospital, the Dragon Empire Group had also provided unprecedented funding for the hospital for the past two years. As a result, the hospital had completed a lot of stagnant research projects. So the hospital was particularly concerned about Wing's illness. He hoped it wouldn't get as bad as it had today. He sighed again and continued, "Now, it mainly depends on Miss Long's willpower. If her will to survive is strong enough, she might recover--or at least garner better odds. "

As Eric looked at the doctor who was nodding to emphasize his meaning, he asked gravely, "Can you arrange a private phone line to the operating room?"

The man thought for a moment, nodding and said, "Yes! You all can talk to her. Maybe your voice will help her pull through this. We can arrange this through a conference call hub."

Eric nodded as he listened to the doctor and said, "I'll arrange it now."

"All right," Eric stood up and said sincerely, "Thank you. Hope it won't be too much trouble for you."

After the doctor said "no trouble at all," he saw Eric out, and picked up the phone on his desk to get IT on this. Doing this without damage to the patient wouldn't be easy.

In the surge

From nowhere, Eric found a violin and gave it to Weston, saying, "She doesn't want to go. She has always wanted to attend Brian's wedding, just to see how embarrassed he'll be. Now, everything's done. They're just waiting for her to get better. She'll get better, I know she was excited about it."

Weston took over the violin, held it tightly and then sandwiched it in between his chin and his shoulder. Looking at the operating room separated by the glass window, eyes full of tears, he slowly placed the bow on its string.

The long, melodious sound of the violin flew out slowly and passed through the phone into the operating room. The sentimental melody seemed to be delivering something, something like the endless longing with heart-broken pain, and every second of fear and endless expectations for the future.

"Wing, I'm getting married to Mol at Dragon Island next month," said Brian heavily and slowly, looking at what was going on in the operating room. "You said, we're all members of the Long Family. I took it to heart, and we have to hold the ceremony at Dragon Island. That's where our roots are, though none of us were born there."

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