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   Chapter 826 Leaving Dragon Island (Part Three)

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"Alias has researched out a new type of drug-" said Brian in a flat tone, "-which is beneficial to the recovery of a fracture. Besides, I have gotten in touch with authoritative experts on orthopedics and neurology from America. They must be able to help you if you want to have a try."

A hint of eagerness flashed through Spark's eyes, but he quickly covered it and said, "I have been like this for more than two years, and I have gotten used to it."

Brian looked deep into his eyes. After a while, he said indifferently, "I believe that every person must be responsible for his own life. I won't say anything more if you insist on that." He then fished out a business card from his pocket and slid it towards Spark on the table as he added, "But if you change your mind, you can contact him any time."

After that, he left his seat and walked towards their original table.

Spark stared at the business card on the table and complex emotions surged in his eyes.

"What did you talk with Spark?" asked Molly as she looked at Spark's gloomy face.

Sparing a casual glance at her, Brian replied in an indifferent tone, "I told him not to go beyond his depth and stick like a limpet to you."

Molly furrowed her eyebrows upon hearing his words. Paying another glance at Spark who was still lowering his head, she spat angrily, "But he..." She eventually failed to finish her words, and she looked away in resentment.

Mark stirred the milky tea in his cup as he observed the looks in his parents' faces. He turned to Eric and asked, "Uncle Eric, it's quite obvious that Papa Brian is fooling Mommy. Why does she still rise to the bait so easily?"

"Because she is stupid enough," replied Eric as he sipped at his coffee, "and she never thinks with her brain."

Molly immediately glared at him in

count right away."

She hung up the phone and quickly transfered some money to Liam's account over her phone. Staring at the number of her savings, she felt at her wits' end.


The sound of the medical apparatus was regular and dull. The person in the bed was as serene as a Sleeping Beauty.

Weston stood at the window and watched the sunset on the horizon with a gloomy look.

"Mr. Peng, Miss Long's condition is quite unsteady. If she doesn't regain her consciousness, she might suffer from an insufficient blood supply in her brain at any second."

The words of Wing's attending doctor echoed in his brain. Furrowing his eyebrows, he closed his eyes and refused to ponder over the fact that Wing might never wake up again.

The rays of the setting sun shone slantwise through the window and on his tall figure. His white T-shirt became golden in the sunlight and he looked like an Apollo from the legends.

Suddenly, an uneasy alarm came from the cardiograph.

Weston turned around and went hurriedly to the bed. His face paled when he saw Wing's cardiogram became a straight line. He pressed the call-for-assistance button as he called her name in a trembling voice.

"Wing! Wing!"

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