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   Chapter 825 Leaving Dragon Island (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6326

Updated: 2019-06-15 00:12

The shower was running, and the sound was carrying itself from the bathroom to the bedroom. Molly, in her bathrobe, was lying on the bed on her side, gazing at the object on the bedside table, smiling with happiness and pleasure.

On the bedside table stood a carving of two clasped hands that she and Brian had made a while before with their own hands.

She tilted her head, looking at the carving with intent eyes, her mind filling with infatuation, love, and all sorts of fantasies. Brian had told her after they made the carving that the powder in the glass container was often used to make a sculpture or carving. Because the powder was mostly used in the military, it contained a special kind of material that helped it shape quickly.

Molly sat up on the bed, her legs crossed. She leaned over to pick up the carving up and then touched it gently with her other hand, her fingers tracing along it. Although she knew that it was solid and could not break, she still acted like it was fragile glass, afraid to put too much strength in her hold.

The running water stopped, and a couple minutes later, the bathroom door opened, and Brian emerged. He stood in the doorway, glancing over at Molly, who was absorbed in the carving. Then his eyes became gradually darker.

Water dripped from his hair and trickled down his handsome face, adding to his tempting allure.

He stepped on the shag carpet and slowly walked towards Molly. Just as he sat down on the bedside, her faint voice flowed into his ears, "Bri..."


Molly looked towards him, giving him a mysterious smile and lifting up the carving, "How did you pick up the idea of making such a cute thing?"

Brian took the carving from her hand and looked at it. "I was just handling some affairs in the military base with Eric. When we passed by the military administration office, I suddenly recalled the days when

still have Aunt Shirley on our side?" Eric raised an eyebrow and shrugged, "Her words always worked no matter it was Uncle Richie or my father!"

Brian didn't ask about the details because he was clear that every problem would get solved once his mother took up it. Aside from Richie and Frank's concessions to her, she was always able to find out many reasons to persuade them.

Because of her guilty conscience, Molly didn't blame Eric for eating off Brian's breakfast. Instead, she gave her breakfast to Brian and cooked a new one for herself.

After they finished their breakfast, they drove to the international airport in Dragon Island. When they reached there, Spark and Mark were having their drinks at the departure lounge.

"What time does your plane leave?" Brian asked as he stared at Spark.

"Half past nine."

Brian glanced at his watch and said, "Is it convenient for you to have a chat with me?"

Spark shrugged and stood up from his seat. Then they stepped towards another table at a distance.

A waiter poured them each a cup of coffee after they got seated. Spark picked up the coffee and took a small sip as he said, "There's no need for you if you are about to express your thanks. I did that for Molly's sake, not for you."

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