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   Chapter 822 Dealing With The Aftermath (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7663

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"I'm going too," Eric said as he sat down lazily next to Smart. "Brian has to deal with something tomorrow and I have the press conference to attend to. So, we'll go to see Wing together on the day after tomorrow."

Smart nodded. "Hmm, that sounds like a good idea." Looking at the three young ones, she continued, "Perhaps Wing will get excited and wake up when she sees that all of you are happy and getting along with one another so well."

With a deep sigh, Shirley said, "I hope so."

"Shirley," Brian held her shoulder and said, "I'm sure Wing will be fine. She couldn't bear leaving us."

Molly took Shirley's arm in hers. Her eyes were bright with hope. She agreed with Brian.

The bright moon was covered by a dreamlike fog. Time went on at its usual pace. When the white color of the fish's belly appeared in the east, the new dawn arrived as scheduled. The first rays of the morning sun penetrated through the thick clouds and made the sea sparkle. It was a new day and the beginning of something new.

"Here is the latest news. The power holder will hold a press conference at the Royal Hotel at ten o'clock today, in order to explain the matters concerning the engagement ceremony yesterday... "

The breaking news was broadcasted by every television station in Dragon Island. The screens in public places like the train stations, malls and shopping centers also displayed the news. Everybody's attention was drawn by the scene on the television.

Two men in a food stall were watching the small television in the shop. One of them said, "What's the point in trying to explain more about what had happened yesterday? Everybody knows that it was no more than a soap opera in which the power holder tried to take his cousin's woman, right?"

"We should not jump into conclusions," the other man said, as he put a wonton into his mouth. "My daughter was one of the staff members responsible for setting up the venue yesterday. She told me that this whole thing was not as simple as it seems."

"Really? So, what's the truth?"

"I heard that..." the man started to say what he had heard from his daughter.

A girl at the table behind the two men stole a glance at them and grinned. She had a camera around her neck. She drained the soup in her bowl in one sip and

o the shop in spite of herself.

"I would like to try that one." She heard a woman's voice as soon as she entered the store.

Looking at the direction of the voice, she saw a woman pointing at the yellow dress which she had spent the last few minutes staring at. A feeling of loss washed over her.

"Oh, do you like this one too?" Molly asked, seeing the disappointed look on Sara's face. She took one more look at the light yellow short coat before she said, "If you like it, you can have it. I will look for something else."

Sara immediately shook her head and said with a smile, "No, I was just taking a look at it."

"She's not going to buy it. From the look of her cheap clothes, she probably can't even afford it,"

the snobbish saleswoman scoffed at Sara.

Molly frowned, but then she heard Sara say, "Yes, I can't afford it. But you're inside this shop too. Can you afford it?"

The saleswoman was speechless for a moment. She glowered at Sara for embarrassing her in front of a potential customer. She was about to trash talk her again, when Molly cut in and said, "Pack that coat." The saleswoman left without saying anything. Molly walked towards Sara and stood in front of her. "Please consider it a gift. I hope you won't mind me doing this." Sara opened her mouth to object, but Molly explained hastily, "I'm giving it to you as an appreciation for what you said to that saleswoman. If I had half the courage and self-confidence that you have, perhaps I could have been a happier person long ago."

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