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   Chapter 821 Dealing With The Aftermath (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7717

Updated: 2019-06-14 00:13

There are sometimes many regrets in our lives that we need to make up for and much wisdom that we need to gain from our own experiences.


After hearing Brian's unexpected announcement, Richie glowered at him with his piercing eyes and Brian didn't back down either. The father and son duo were at a stalemate, and their calm, yet ferocious looks didn't falter for even a second.

Eric gritted his teeth. He couldn't let things get any worser and he tried to mediate and make peace, "Uncle Richie--"

"Shut up," Frank interrupted him coldly.

Eric was itching to talk back to his father, but didn't say anything because he knew that it would only make the situation even worse. He glanced at Molly and then at Brian. He sighed silently and waited for the storm to pass.

Molly remained silent too. Considering what had happened earlier in the day, she could guess the reason for Richie's anger. She wanted to clear the misunderstandings, but couldn't utter a word. She looked at Shirley with pleading eyes, seeking her support.

"Richie," Shirley said, trying to dissolve the situation. "It's late and I'm really sleepy. Can we leave?"

Richie slowly withdrew his eyes from Brian and threw a glance at his wife. "Don't play tricks now," he said.

Brian didn't say a word, but Eric couldn't take it any longer. He stepped forward and said, "Uncle Richie, what happened today was entirely my fault."

"Do you think that excuse will help you get out of this?" Frank asked, seething with anger. "After the press conference tomorrow, you will go to the Shadow Organization to receive your punishment."

"Yes, Father."

"Frank..." Smart frowned.

Frank scowled at her and she fell back into silence.

She couldn't blame Frank. As the power holder of the Dragon Island, a leader who led a country with a population of a hundred million, Eric had taken such an improper and impulsive decision just for the sake of the person he loved. His reasons might have been noble, but the rules of the island were not to be broken according to his whims.

"Brian, are you two really getting married?" Shirley didn't care for the grave atmosphere in the room. She wasn't bothered about what Richie would say about her selfish question, but as a mother, she naturally chose to ignore everything else.

her. "I'm happy that he has laid down to rest what had happened in the past. And as for you, Little Molly... Love is not just about doing selfless things for each other. You and Brian still have a long way to go. There will be many new territories in the relationship for the two of you to explore, to face and to overcome together."

Molly quietly listened to them both. She understood what their words meant. She knew about the past of the Long Family which Eric still was not happy with. She looked at Smart. Smart nodded to her with a smile. She shifted her gaze towards her mother-in-law. "Mom, I will do my best. After going through so many difficulties together, I believe both Brian and I can get along with each other and spend the rest of our lives happily."

Shirley pulled Molly into her arms and clapped her back softly. In a benign voice, she said, "Both Richie and I can rest easy knowing that Brian has you beside him."

Molly pursed her lips and released herself from the hug. "Mom, Wing..."

As soon as she heard Molly mention Wing's name, Shirley's face turned somewhat solemn, and her eyes filled with grief. "She hasn't woken up yet." She sighed slightly, but a tinge of hope appeared in her eyes. "But I believe in her. She's a strong girl. She'll wake up soon."

"I will take Molly to see her the day after tomorrow."

They heard Brian's voice come from up the stairs. The three women turned their heads in the direction of his voice. They saw him climb down the stairs in steady steps, followed by Eric.

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