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   Chapter 820 There Is Always One Who Remains In Your Mind Forever (Part Three)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6718

Updated: 2019-06-14 00:12

Embarrassment flooded Brian's face upon hearing the conversation between Molly and Mark. Nonetheless, he just sat next to Molly and didn't comment anything. Instead, he turned to his uncle and asked, "Uncle Hawk, are you preparing to open this bottle of wine?"

Hawk smiled softly and replied, "Stealing is not scary. However, the thief who is always thinking about me is!" He then turned to Molly and continued, "Your problems have been solved, thus, I can relax. This is to celebrate you and Brian." He turned to Eric. "And also console the person with a broken heart."

"What? Uncle Hawk! My heart was not..." Eric wanted to retort. However, his words stopped even before he could finish. He leaned himself on the couch and asked, "Uncle Hawk, how'd you know that we would come to steal this bottle of wine?"

Hawk smiled mysteriously and replied to him while looking at Spark, "I knew it when you went to the arena." Hawk knew the real reason. They saw him when he put the bottle of wine into the cellar when they were still teenagers. They had agreed that when one of them found his true love and wanted to spend his whole life together with her, they would come to open the bottle of wine together.

"Mr. Long actually expects everything." Spark commended him. He then raised his hand and clinked his glasses with Hawk's. After a slight sip of the red wine in the glass, Spark said, "Today is a good day to celebrate."

"Why is it a good day?" Mark asked innocently. He pushed himself between Brian and Molly just before Eric opened that bottle of wine. He said, "There's apparently nothing worth celebrating !"

"Why?" Hawk asked. He was as graceful as usual.

"Because Papa Brian hasn't proposed to Mommy, so Mommy and Papa Brian are not actually husband and wife." Mark replied seriously, like an adult. His eyes were bright in the soft light that they look like gemstones shining.

All of the people turned to Brian. Then Spark and Hawk looked at each other. They all agreed with Mark. "Do

ic said to Brian. He was so smart that he chose not to enter the main hall alone. Who wanted to be scolded by the other members of Long anyway?

Brian walked into the Glamour and put Mark on his bed. He had spent some more minutes to make everything comfortable for his child. Then he returned, together with Molly hand in hand.

Molly was quiet the whole time. Her hand was covered by Brian's big hand, feeling very warm. However, her mind was not as calm as her face.

Brian didn't talk either while they were walking. He just walked under the moonlight together with Molly. After they were back to Eric, the three of them walked to the main hall together.

Inside the main hall, the members of Long Family, Richie, Shirley, Frank Mu, and Smart Su were sitting on the couch chatting. It was easy to see from the faces of Richie and Frank that they were becoming more and more impatient. All of these middle-aged turned to the three of them as soon as they stepped in. Some of them became indifferent as some of them appreciated and even supported.

"Do you still know how to come ba..."

"I and Molly's wedding will be held on by next month. It will be on Dragon Mountain." Brian interrupted Richie quickly just before the aged man finished his statement. It was then that a thick blanket of silence suddenly fell on everyone.

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