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   Chapter 819 There Is Always One Who Remains In Your Mind Forever (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6733

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"Why did you have to steal?" asked Molly. She just couldn't understand the need to steal something in such high status at all.

"Because they are all top wines and many of them can't be found in the market." It was Eric who answered her as he continued to unlock the gate. At the same time, a slight click from the door's lock. He successfully did it.

"That was really easy." Eric snickered as he shot Molly a glance. It was as if he was saying, 'not worth my efforts'. He let out a slight laugh when he looked at the fingerprint lock. He then took out a small box from his pocket and grab the very thin glove that was inside it. He wore the glove and used his gloved hand to press on the button. Soon enough and another clicking sound was heard. Eric said with disdain, "Everybody's fingerprint data is within Dragon Island's data bank. Tsk! Why didn't Uncle Hawk make it more challenging?"

Hearing what Eric said, Brian calmly entered the cellar together with Molly and said, "We haven't come here to steal wine for almost five or six years. I'm afraid Uncle Hark has forgotten about this."

That made Eric frown slightly and asked, "So is it too easy for us?"

"No, the challenge is not opening the door but to find that specific wine in the cellar." Brian reminded Eric. "Don't forget that we only have ten minutes in total," added Brian.

"Why do we have only ten minutes?" Molly couldn't understand a thing again.

Thus, Brian gave Molly another look and replied, "Uncle Hawk arrange all his wine irregularly. The thermostatic control in the cellar can only hold the temperature stable for ten minutes."

"Brian, don't you want to help?" complained Eric to him in a low voice.

However, Brian just gave a slight smile and answered, "You go to the left and I go to the right. We must take out that bottle of the ChateauD'yuem white wine of 1784!"

They had arrived at the entrance of the cellar while discussing. Eric turned to Brian and signaled the man with his eyes, then he said to Molly,

e saxophone was filling the place with soft background music. Molly looked around the Silence Bar with furrowed eyebrows. The light was not bright, but still a little brighter than other bars she had gone to. That fact alone made Molly really curious.

"This is the heaven of love. The special place for broken hearts, whirlpool of infatuations and the abyss of secret love..." Brian looked at Molly's surprised expression as he introduced the bar. His voice was deep and low. He then laughed and turned to Eric. " And also the deep love password. It is not easy for a person to solve this password."

Brian squinted at Eric as his grip on Molly's hand became tighter. They went over to a room after with their hands still holding each other.

After opening the door, Brian frowned slightly upon seeing people sitting inside. It only took him a few seconds before spotting the bottle of ChateauD'yquem white wine of 1784! His eyes automatically went deeper.

"Ha ha ha!" Eric took the bottle of wine and looked at Hawk, "Uncle Hawk, are you kidding us?"

Mark put his Ipad down and stood up. He looked at the three people who just entered the room and asked, "Mommy, have you forgiven Papa Brian so soon?"

Molly raised her head and answered, "He has given himself to me, so I hesitantly forgave him. I am not as pettish as he is!"

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