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   Chapter 818 There Is Always One Who Remains In Your Mind Forever (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7060

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There was a thin crescent in the dark sky and the bamboo forest looked peaceful while being washed by the gentle moonlight.

Illuminating the ground with its grace, the moon looked bright against the dark sky.

The leaves of the bamboo were rustling as it dances to the soft wind. With the rustling, the gentle voices of Brian and Molly could be heard from a car silently parked in that place.

A deep and baritone voice, just as good as the music of a cello. " Is it true that you will never leave me alone whatever happens from now on?"

"Yes, I will never leave you..." Before Molly finished her sentence, she stopped and looked at him, "It was you who always pushed me off."

"I will never do that anymore nor will I let you go."

Brian answered gently and seriously.

On the other hand, the night of Dragon Island was as bright as day in the ministry. The governor of Dragon Island was engaged today, thus, everyone working here hadn't go home even after night time came. They were all busy with receiving all kinds of people coming and answering phone calls from different countries.

On top of the National Congress.

After Eric Long listened to the report of the Minister of the Publicity Department, he said calmly, "Everything should go as my previous instructions. I'll decide about what, to do especially in Dragon Island after the explanation meeting tomorrow."

"Yes, Sir," The minister replied with respect. It was a few seconds after when the minister bowed his head and said, "Excuse me for leaving." Then he turned around and left.

Eric nodded and watched the minister leave. His gaze turned to the screen of the computer. He browsed news on it and then put his fingers on the keyboard. His lips formed a slight smirk as he typed things.

He raised his head and gave the wall clock a quick glimpse. He then shut down the computer and stood up. Taking the coat on the chair with him, he walked outside while putting his coat on.

"Young Master?" Lenny suddenly appeared upon seeing Brian and called him. Lenny walked over to Eric.

"You can go and have a rest, Lenny." Er

d said, "It's a piece of cake. I will take one bottle of sparkling wine when I am..." His voice was low but clear enough for everyone to hear.

He winked at Molly to finish what he was saying as if telling, 'you know it.'

Standing straight Eric looked the sign of the Silence Bar and said with his eyebrows raised. "Let go!"

The three went across the road. However, they did not enter the Silence Bar directly through the front door and got in from the side alley instead. There was a big yard at the back of the bar. It was where Hawk's wine cellar used to be specifically.

Eric took out the tools he had prepared before and opened the first lock. Inside was a second gate with a passcode. There were two ways of input the code, through fingerprint or by a password.

Brian had held Molly's hand the whole time while looking at Eric. On the other hand, Molly was so curious as she wondered why a wine cellar needed such a complex gate. 'The wine cellar belongs to someone from Long Family after all. 'Who will even dare to steal from the Long family here in Dragon Island?' Molly thought puzzledly.

"Eric and I stole the wine from Uncle Hawk's cellar several times. He couldn't even remember how many times he had already changed the lock to prevent us from coming here." Brian explained to her as if he could read her mind. It was evident in his voice how much he was missing his childhood.

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