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   Chapter 817 Say You Love Me! (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6459

Updated: 2019-06-13 00:25

Brian looked into Molly's tear-stained eyes and asked in surprise, "That was you? Mol, was it you on the Dragon Mountain all those years ago?"

Molly sucked in a huge breath and raised her chin up. For the first time in her life, she didn't give a shit about what Brian would think of her and said brazenly as she looked him square in the eye, "That day, you told me that you would never forget my help. You said that you would surely return the favor some day, didn't you?"

"So, you are the girl I had met on the Dragon Mountain?" Brian asked again, not daring to remove his gaze from Molly even for a split-second, lest he miss any expression on her face which would confirm his question. He was so eager to know the truth that he asked again, "Mol, you are the little girl, aren't you?"

"I remember everything now - how I had helped you and how you had promised to repay the debt. Are you going to abide by your promise or disown it, Bri?" Molly looked at Brian with her confident eyes. The tears in her eyes sparkled like white pearls. Sniffing, she continued, "If you're going to abide by your promise, then this is the time for it." She sounded tougher than she had ever been and Brian couldn't say anything to her in his defense. "You're important to this country. Since I helped you and did your country a huge favor, the only way you can repay me is by marrying me and taking good care of me for the rest of your life!"

Molly demanded like a spoiled girl, who was unwilling to hand over her favorite toy. This time she wasn't going to let go of the opportunity which might bring Brian back to her, once and for all. She'd rather choose to be brazen than keep her usual shy attitude. Brian's eyes turned softer as he stared at the woman in front of him. His lips curled into a small smile, breaking his mask of indifference. He lifted his hand and gently touched her tear-tainted face. He said in a low tone, "Since you

lips caressed Molly's lips in a gentle teasing manner. The smell of his breath immediately encroached every cell in her mouth after she opened it to welcome him.

"Mol, I love you..."

She heard the low coarse murmur. Low as it was, it sounded like the roaring of a thunder in her ear. She looked at Brian wide-eyed, as if an electric shock had run through her body.

Molly's face turned tomato red for the first time that night. Brian looked at her reddened face and said in a playful voice, "You were well planned to hold me responsible for the rest of your life and you have done a good job carrying out your plan with a brazen face. I'm surprised, however, that you still know how to blush."

"Me? Well planned? Brazen face? I don't know what you're talking about. I haven't done anything," Molly said, frowning. When she noticed that Brian was just playing with her, she glared at him and shouted, "You're the one who wanted to show your gratitude by marrying me!"

"All right, it was me. I'm yours, Mol. Forever..." Brian said before pressing his lips against hers again.

The bamboo leaves rustled in the light wind.

The bright moon shed its pure light on the two lovers in the car, as they showed their love and desire towards each other in the most primitive way.

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