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   Chapter 816 Say You Love Me! (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 5891

Updated: 2019-06-13 00:25

If a woman keeps grumbling about your history with other women, then the best way to shut her up is to seal her lips with a fervent kiss.

No woman can resist such a sweet attack from the man she loves.

It was beyond everyone's expectations that the engagement ceremony of the power holder of the Dragon Island would be objected by Mark, who was the successor to the throne of the Dragon Island and also the son of the power holder's cousin with Molly, who was the woman to be betrothed to the power holder. The startling news, like a bomb thrown into a peaceful lake, immediately aroused a surging wave of fervent talks in Dragon Island, becoming the hot topic of conversation at the dining table in each household. The ripples it had caused didn't cease for a long time.

There were a variety of gossips about this incident among the citizens. They were confused and curious about the love triangle between Molly and the Long brothers. They were furious at Molly for her shameful and irresponsible love affair with both men, who seemed to have been deceived by her beauty and trapped by her love games. She was a disgraceful woman in everyone's eyes now. But Molly knew nothing about the gossips at this time.

Meetings were held at the office of the Minister of the Public and Communications Department one after another in succession in the National Congress. Officers in the power holder's Secretary Office were burdened with numerous calls requiring the latest information about the power holder as well as his plans for the future. They were all exhausted and on the brink of collapse.

Lenny glanced with a frown at the busy staff scurrying to and fro in the hall before entering into the lift and going straight to the top floor.

Eric stood alo

f all that noise.

Eric settled his gaze upon the setting sun which was just inches above the horizon. A wicked smile broke across his face as he murmured, "Brian, I have done you a huge favor today. And you better repay me in double for this."

His eyes were full of bitterness. Like a monster set free from its cage, the loneliness in the air began to encroach everything in the room. The dusky sun poured its fading light on Eric and the weak sun cast his lonely shadow on the floor.

At the same time, outside the National Congress Building, a woman sneakily approached and covered herself well between the Z-shaped evergreen plants. She had to adjust her camera lens from time to time to get a clear picture of the interior of the building. But her camera still caught nothing.

"Wow. What a magnificent building! What kind of glass have they used for it? The interiors cannot be seen at all from the outside," she grumbled in anger and continued, "Just one photo! I must bring back one photo of the grieving power holder of the island. I cannot return without it! My salary and bonus depends on this! Please, just let me capture one photo. Help me, God!"


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