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   Chapter 815 Explanation (Part Three)

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"Although I have been mean to you, you always seek a sense of safety from me," he sighed. With her chin between his thumb and index finger, he made her look straight into his eyes and asked,"Mol, every time you sought that sense of safety from me, had you thought of the possibility that I was the greatest danger to you?"

Tears spilled over her reddened eyes. She shook her head slightly as a reply to Brian's question. She sniffed and pursed her lips tightly, letting the tears slide across her cheeks and reach the corners of her mouth. The salty taste spread in her mouth.

"I had said that it would only be a game, but I had fallen into it long ago. Even though I couldn't admit it at the time, when you made your silent confession to me in the snow, I was so bloody confused," Brian said, with a frown. "While both you and I stayed confused, Eric had seen through everything early in the game. If I could have seen through it earlier too, perhaps things would not have gone this way and all these unfortunate things would not have happened, right?" He paused and looked at her tear-stained face.

"Mol, perhaps you have no idea about this... At that time in the Phoenix Mountain, when I found that you were unwilling to exchange my life for Daniel's, I had decided that I wouldn't love anybody other than you in my lifetime." Brian's voice contained a deep feeling of grief. During that fatal incident in the Phoenix Mountain, he had figured out thoroughly what he wanted. He had decided to give up Becky and to love nobody except Molly.

Hearing his long explanation, her eyes flooded. Every scene that had happened between them in the past had pricked her heart like thorns when she had left A City at that time. Now as Brian explained how he had felt at the time, she felt her heart ache.

"I hoped you would never leave, but you left."

"Bri..." she called his name, sobbing.

Brian heaved a sigh and continued,"After you left, I thought of giving up on each other, but as fate would have it, we met again. And when we met after those four years, you had a husband and a son." He scoffed and raised his fingertips to wipe the tears off Molly's cheeks gently. He went on,"It was not unti

eving that I was not a burden, you would treat her well and believe her words. That would break me again and make me feel unwanted!" She roared the last sentence aloud at Brian.

Hearing that, Brian's eyes condensed into two rays of cruel light.

Meanwhile, Molly wiped her tears again and said in a heartbroken voice,"You treated me well sometimes, and I tried to console myself that it was enough. I told myself to just let it be. After all, you're Mark's father and you're the man I loved." After a pause, she sniffed and continued,"But what happened after that?"

Brian stared at Molly. It was not until then that he suddenly realized that after the past two years, this woman had learned to fight back relentlessly for the things that she wanted. A moment ago, it was her who had been feeling guilty, but now the stakes had turned on him. How did that even happen? He wanted to laugh, but couldn't in the current situation.

As Molly glared at him, ready for the next wave of attack, she suddenly remembered something. She gulped and asked between sobs,"Brian, was it you all those years ago?"

"Huh?" Brian was confused by her weird question.

"In the mountain behind the royal garden," she said. "Was that you?"

Brian's body stiffened at her words. The only significant thing that had happened to him in the mountain was that he had met Becky there many years ago... 'Wait a minute...' he thought. He fixed his gaze on Molly and stared at her.


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