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   Chapter 814 Explanation (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7273

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"You have never been so eager to protect her before." Tony smirked at him.

With a grin, which was seldom seen on Vincent's face, he explained,"Since I'll be coming back to XK Intelligence Agency, I should be more eager." Looking at the heavy traffic in front of them, he added,"I have been acting as an attendant for Miss Xia and our young master for the past two years. It is not until now that I realize I have become more peaceful than before. In the past, I was too anxious to perform well and gain Mr. Brian Long's praise." At that time, if he had not been so eager to capture that person, perhaps many things would have gone differently.

Tony smiled at him and said,"Every thing would be okay as long as Mr. Brian Long is happy. Neither you nor me can see through things as clearly as Harrow." As soon as he mentioned Harrow's name, he realized that he hadn't seen Harrow around at all. He said,"It's not like him to miss such a pleasant turn of events. Where is he?"

"He's at the Long Family Mansion," Vincent answered.


The sun was setting slowly down the horizon. The winter sunset shone its last light across the lawn, which was green all around. A cool breeze blew once in a while, making the shadows of the leaves dance in the ground.

Laughter came through ceaselessly as two shadows played joyously on the lawn under the evening sun. Despite the simpleness of the game, the two of them seemed to be having a lot of fun. They couldn't be happier if they tried.

Leaning against a tree with his arms crossed across his chest, Harrow was starting to lose his patience. He looked at the two people playing in front of him. He could no longer bear watching them play endlessly, and he yelled,"Spark! When on earth do you plan on going back home?"

Spark turned to glance at his impatient elder brother and said,"Whenever I feel like going back. The old man keeps urging me to go back home so frequently. He is like the young shepherd who lies to other people that the wolf would be coming every other day."

"And you'd better understand the old man with some sympathy," Harrow sighed. "For so many years, he has been trying hard to make you-"


stion. Fly's words had been resounding in her ears for so many days. Nobody knew how she had endured the hard training for one and a half years. Her love for Brian had been her inspiration and support. Without that, she probably would have given up in the very beginning.

Hearing her question, Brian turned his head slowly, and fixed his deep eyes on her aggrieved face. After pursing his thin lips, he said slowly,"Sometimes I ask myself the same question. Why do I love you? You're coward like a snail, which retreats back into its shell when it is touched by someone. You're as fragile as a piece of glass, ready to break at a hint of carelessness. You and I have nothing in common. Someone like you should have never existed in my life!"

Molly's eyelashes quivered and her eyes turned red immediately. She got teary, not because she was hurt by Brian's words, but because what he had said was so very true.

"But I was taken over silently..." Brian said in a low voice. The indifference on his face was replaced by something else, a blurred expression. He raised his hand, and his slender fingertips softly slid across Molly's cheek. He finally let his fingertip rest on her soft lips and said in a low husky voice,"I hate seeing you tremble under the stairs or in some corner instead of venting out your frustrations and sadness." He remembered the scene when he had found her curled up into a ball under the stairs. His eyes turned dark.

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