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   Chapter 813 Explanation (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7444

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You don't need to ask me why I love you, just like how you don't need to ask what the water tastes like or what the wind looks like...


It was quiet inside the restaurant since it had been cleared and all the guests, except Spark and Molly, had left. There was no other sound, besides their voices. They were still talking happily about the past.

Brian's anger in the beginning gradually faded away and he calmed down as he sat at a table not too far away from them, listened to their conversation. He listened to their talks, which was mostly led by Spark and it was mainly about what had happened during the four years when they had been living together as a pretend couple. Brian didn't say a word. He remained silent and out of the way.

He raised the wine glass, with the stem between his fingers and took a small sip of the wine. It tasted a little bitter. Mixed with the heavy aroma of grapes, the wine slowly slid across his taste buds. It had different deep flavors, just like how life had so many varied emotions. Brian knew why Spark was talking about their past. It was not because he wanted to reminisce about his time with Molly. He wanted Brian to know what Molly had gone through every day in the four years that they had been apart, the pain that she had gone through when Mark hadn't been able to speak, and how hard a life she had lived during that time.

The sunlight hit the window glass, shining its warm light into the empty restaurant.

Molly sighed slightly and said," When I think back to those days, I can't believe that the woman who has experienced all that was actually me. If I have to go through all that again, I don't know if I will have the courage to make the same decisions that I had." Pursing her lips, she kept staring at Spark emotionally, forgetting about Brian's presence in the restaurant. She said," Spark, thank you. Thank you for being by my side during the most difficult time of my life. I don't know if I could have survived it without your help and support."

A faint, yet attractive smile appeared on his face at her words of gratitude. He said slowly," I want to thank you and Mark too. Because of the two of you, I have some wonderful memories and I have found

ront seat. As she settled down in the seat, she quickly realized what Brian had said.

As soon as the meaning of his words made sense to her, a feeling of sweet happiness spread from her heart and throughout her body. She watched as he strode to the other side of the car to the driver's door. She felt her heart beating violently. In an instant, the grievance she had suffered ever since she had come back to A city seemed to disappear.

Brian opened the door and sat in the driver's seat. He threw a sideways glance at Molly with his dark eyes, and Molly hastily turned her head away from him. Withdrawing his sight from her, he started the engine. The car drove away, while Tony watched from behind.

Tony smiled and mumbled," Why did you have to clear the restaurant and chase all the other guests away? That was such an unnecessary move and staying at the restaurant only served to annoy you more. Why didn't you just drag her away as soon as you arrived here?" He shook his head helplessly, but the smile remained on his lips.

"People who are in love don't listen to reason," a voice came out of nowhere. Tony turned his head back abruptly, only to see Vincent standing right behind him.

"Why are you here?" he asked, raising a brow.

Tilting his head slightly, Vincent asked him back," Why shouldn't I be here?" Looked like he was curious about what was happening too. "Miss Xia was here, so obviously, I should be here too. Who else would protect her?" he added.

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