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   Chapter 812 The Deadly Duel (Part Four)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 5469

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Brian's handsome and angular face was full of gloom now. Tony, who was always one step behind Brian, nearly laughed at Mark's witty words, but he managed to suppress his urge when he saw Brian's heavy face.

Mark did not seem to notice that his father was on the brink of bursting out in anger. He blinked his clear, innocent eyes and said,"Just now, I heard Grandpa and Grandma talking about the rights of the candidate ruler. Then I got this from Grandpa Frank…" He took a black card out of his pocket and said,"Papa Brian, I think you should take this. It might help."

Brian nodded gloomily, took the card and gave it to Tony, both knowing exactly the function of the card. Then, Brian left immediately.

As Tony hurried to follow his master and was passing by Mark, Mark winked at him with a smile. Tony smiled back as though they had a secret between them.

Brian first went to the Lustrous Hall to change clothes as he was thinking, 'Now, the news coverage is everywhere. So, Molly and Spark will not go to the usual places, which would be easy for them to be recognized.' Then, he ordered,"Tony, focus on the high-end western restaurants…"

"Yes sir," Tony replied firmly as he relayed the order to other staff. Then, the staff begin to search all the high-end western restaurants in Dragon Island.

Half an hour later, Brian stood outside the western restaurant, Blue Sea, with a rather gloomy face. Looking around the restaurant with heavy eyes and seeing there was no reporter or paparazzi nearby, he walked in. It didn't take him long to spot the place where Spark and Molly were sitting.

"Tony, ask all the irrel

. Everyone was so nervous and anxious. Actually, I didn't know what I was thinking at that time, but I just thought the little baby in front of me was so fragile… So I just wanted to have a try." Spark smiled. "Unexpectedly, as soon as Mark was in my arm, he cried out loudly... Mol, from that moment on, I realized the meaning of life."

As they were talking at their own table, Brian sat alone at other table, holding a glass of wine, the stem between his fingers, his mood changing from anger to deep guilt, which anyone could see by looking into his eyes.

He had always treated Molly in his own way, thinking that it was good to her only in that way. However, he had always ignored her opinions and wishes. Two years ago, when they met again, he blamed her for leaving without saying goodbye, but he never thought how difficult her life was after she left in that way!

Slowly, Brian turned, looking at Molly's smile. Her smile seemed to tell him that although her life had been hard in the past, she was better now, calmer and at ease.

All of a sudden, Brian's heart lurched.

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