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   Chapter 809 The Deadly Duel (Part One)

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Some memories are so profound that they take root in one's heart, not easily erased with the passage of time, even after a decade or two.

And the people who have been important in one's life are not easily forgotten or replaced.

In the Wolong District Arena for Field War at the Dragon Island, Brian and Eric both held a pistol in their hands. One man was wearing white while the other wore all black; from a distance, they looked like they came from hell or another ungodly domain, posed and ready.

"I won't let you win this time!" Brian bellowed. His voice was cold and arrogant.

Eric scoffed. "I hope you can still be this cocky at the end when I've beaten you!"

Lenny and Tony, personal protectors to Brian and Eric respectively, stood at the side. They exchanged glances at their masters' backs, and they both noticed that the other protector's face was as nervous and heavy as his own.

The announcer, also the person in charge of the arena, was holding up a flare gun. "Ready..." As Eric and Brian's eyes met across the distance, a loud 'BANG' emitted from the gun. Both Brian and Eric got into fight poses, ready to strike.


Da da da!

Both their guns shot immediately and spontaneously. Brian and Eric dashed across the barrier to reach their second destination point. When they reached it, they discarded their original guns and took up the revolvers that were there, cocked and ready. As soon as each had the revolver in his hand, he turned around and pointed the gun at his opponent, square in the face.

The men's movements were so synchronous that it seemed like one man was in front of a mirror and it's reflecting back his movements. The crowd was still, anxious to se

t can't be solved by peace one day, then we have this duel. If we both survive from this duel, we will forget all our unhappy memories and be good cousins to each other again!"

Eric gave a bitter laugh. Blinking, he suddenly dropped his hand holding the revolver and asked," How about we have a fight first, Cousin?"

"That's what I was thinking!" Brian exclaimed as he quickly shoved his gun into his waistline at his lower back "We should really have had this fight earlier.""

As soon as he finished speaking, he began to rush forward.

Eric also shoved his own gun into his waistline and then crossed his arms in front of his chest to block Brian's kicks.

The fight went on for a while because both men were so skilled in fighting that no one seemed to be better than the other. Even after dozens of rounds back and forth, there was no clear view of whom the winner would be and whom the loser would be.

As Lenny and Tony watched their masters fighting intensely and fiercely, their faces grew heavier and heavier. The entire arena had been cleared out. Except for the person in charge, there was no audience watching the fight.

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