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   Chapter 808 A Well-Planned Plot Was Slowly Revealed (Part Four)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6359

Updated: 2019-06-11 00:35

After Molly followed Spark's eyesight, she looked back at the female violinist, her mood growing a little heavy. So she withdrew her gaze, and focused her eyes on his left hand. Even after a successful recovery and plastic surgery, the original knife scar on his left hand was still so visible.

"It's not so obvious now like before," Spark said lightly, averting his gaze from the violin and noticing Molly's heavy facial expression. "Without the violin in my life, I've become even more at peace. Now that I think of the past, I realize that I loved the violin so much just because I felt that when I was connected with my violin, I wouldn't be separated from my mom. When in fact, it was just hiding the longing that I had in my heart."

Molly bit her lower lip as she did not pick up on his words.

"Now that I'm relieved, I'm letting go of my miseries from the past. Occasionally, I go back to see my old dad," said Spark lightly. After a pause, a wicked and unruly smile cracked into his lips. "You know what," he said briskly,"Nowadays daddy's behavior is going too far. He'd pretend to have a heart attack every now and then, just so I wouldn't have a choice but to go back and see him."

While noting the smile on Spark's face as he complained about his daddy, Molly knew that playing the violin had become his past history, and finally, he had forgiven his father.

"I am so glad that you can walk out from old wounds in the past now," Molly said sincerely, taking a sip of the orange juice. "Now, Spark, please tell me what today was all about."

Spark paused from cutting his steak and looked up at Molly, a smile on his face. He said,"Well, nothing special..."? After another pregnant pause, he went on to cut the steak. "When you got back from London, I had a meeting with Mr. Eric Long. We felt that the complex entanglement between you and Brian had been going on for so many

Molly, with jealousy apparent in her eyes.

Seeing her obvious reaction, Spark just laughed and said,"Whether you overreacted that day or not, Eric and I knew your character well enough, and as long as we gave you some indirect hint, you'd agree to Eric's engagement proposal due to a fit of anger."

Frustrated, Molly shrugged and did not argue, as she knew that Spark was telling the truth about her.

"As soon as the engagement news came out, you had to take it, and plus, if Brian didn't give any response to the news, you would become more irritated and be more willing to undergo today's ceremony with Eric. In the end..."

Spark's words trailed off, and Molly listened carefully, waiting for him to continue. But after another long pause, she didn't hear anything from him, and so she looked up at him doubtfully, only to find out that he was staring at the entrance of the restaurant.

Shoving a hand in his pants' pocket, Brian walked in with a cold face, both defined and handsome, yet showing great hostility. He was followed by Tony, who wore a cold face as well.

As soon as he walked in, he found Molly and Spark and his eyes became seething.

Then, in an indifferent voice, he spoke,"Tony, ask all the people to leave the restaurant now!"

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