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   Chapter 807 A Well-Planned Plot Was Slowly Revealed (Part Three)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6230

Updated: 2019-06-11 00:25

When Frank was done with it, he looked up into Mark's face and said with a smile,"Well done, my good boy!"

With a smile of his own which revealed his two dimples, the charming young boy asked while feeling somewhat guilty,"Grandpa Frank, are you displeased with me for doing such a thing?"

Frank laughed, full of praise on his face and said,"Not at all! You are qualified to be a member of the Long Family," After comforting the young boy, Frank got up and stood behind him.

Then, everyone who belonged to the Dragon Island - including the Chief Commissioner of Congress and the Imperial Guards, all stood at attention, and half bowed to Mark, saying in unison,"Highness Little Prince! Welcome back!"

In the sun, the exclusive boutonniere on Mark's black tuxedo glowed against the sunlight.

Once satisfied by the overwhelming reception, Mark turned to Eric and asked in his tender voice,"Can I object now?"

His question could have rendered the ceremony ineffective at once, but Coco still needed to finish the routine procedure. So she asked: "Excuse me, Highness Little Prince, but what are the reasons for your objection?"

"My reason is of a private matter. And I don't wish to expose it to the public!" Mark said quietly, his bright eyes flickering with maturity beyond his years, and showing great intelligence behind it.

"How about this? Why don't you let me speak out his reasons?!" the low, deep and magnetic voice rang out all of a sudden. With a wicked smile forming on his thin lips, Brian still had not taken his eyes off Eric and continued, a hint of sarcasm in his voice,"A plot was set up for so long. I guess you are really looking forward to this moment!"

Raising his eyebrows, Eric scoffed at the man. "As a matter of fact, I had hoped you would never show up!" His eyes suddenly sank,"But you see, you did not show up until

realized all the events that had happened in the last few days were seamlessly related. So she nodded, and said,"All right, I'll treat you to dinner!"

As soon as she turned and tried to say something, she heard Shirley say gently,"I'll take Mark back to the Long Family Mansion. When your business is over, just find us there."

Molly watched Shirley, biting her lips, and then nodded in understanding.

The bustling Central Square had now become so quiet. Yet, compared with the quietness there, the world's media was not quiet at all. They were working double time, creating multiple versions of reports about the engagement ceremony in every imaginable angle.

No matter what version was created, it was all hot news. And everyone who liked to keep up with the affairs of the Long family absorbed every bit of juicy material. At the Western Restaurant, Blue Sea of Dragon Island, the soft and elegant sound of the piano and violin concerto echoed in the restaurant, making the people in the luxurious diner feel comfortable and relaxed in an instant.

While seated at a table, Spark looked at the woman in a long red strapless gown who was standing beside the piano and playing the violin in an intoxicating yet elegant manner.

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