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   Chapter 806 A Well-Planned Plot Was Slowly Revealed (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6377

Updated: 2019-06-11 00:25

And just when the reporters were getting more fanatical, and the VIP guests as well as the heavyweights of Dragon Island Congress waited with inward frowns, a childish voice came out of nowhere inappropriately.

"I object, too!" Mark said firmly.

From the sideways, Mark followed Spark to the aisle. Then the people who were too engrossed with the scene between the three important people in the confrontation looked at one another in confusion. How could they have ignored who these two people were?

As the young boy stood between Brian and Eric, Spark did not follow him, and stayed in a less noticeable place on one side. With his hands in his pockets, the corner of his mouth threatened to reveal a playful smile. Secretly, he looked forward to the good play that was about to happen.

"I object!" Mark repeated loudly. The young boy did not care how many people had their eyes on him, perhaps even wondering who he was. Allowing the frantic reporters to take photos of him, he looked at Brian, Molly, and then Eric. "I return to Dragon Island," he said firmly,"as a candidate ruler and descendant of the Long Family. Now, I am exercising some of my responsibilities and power!"

Although his words were tender and childish, they were firm enough not to be questioned. There was no doubt that a bomb had been dropped in the hearts of some people who knew nothing about him, which rendered them speechless for a few moments.

In the background amongst the crowd, Richie's indifferent eyes glowed with amusement upon hearing Mark's words. Although he figured out that someone would eventually stand up to object in the engagement ceremony, never in his wildest dreams had it occurred to him that it could be Mark, as after all, he was only a young boy. Meanwhile, Frank's eyes twinkled lightly as he turned back and exchanged a look with Farrell. Nodding, Farrell walked out quietly.

The sudde

e without having to open it. "It's not appropriate for me to take it," he said calmly and firmly.

"What's in it?" Shirley asked doubtfully while looking at the two of them, but neither answered her question.

Sighing, Frank wore a light smile while looking at Richie. Even when his older cousin had taken off the burden of XK, he seemed unwilling to return to Dragon Island and handle any of its affairs. Why, even at that moment, he had refused to take the box. So as a result, Frank stood up with the box in his hand, and walked towards Mark. Under the doubtful watch of the crowd, he knelt down in front of Mark and opened the box. From inside, he took out a special-made shield boutonniere, which was different from those worn by others. The most prominent feature of the boutonniere worn by the Long Family was that the eyes of the dragon around Z were open.

"Click, click, click-" came the crazy clicking sound of the shutters, which was the only sound that could be heard. And meanwhile, everything that was taking place on the spot was immersed in the flashes.

Whatever Mark's true identity was, it was not that important to them. For every human being was more excited to see the former ruler of Dragon Island put on the boutonniere for Mark himself.

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