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   Chapter 805 A Well-Planned Plot Was Slowly Revealed (Part One)

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I have become accustomed to watching her succeed in attaining her own happiness from afar. Whenever she does, my next step is always to withdraw from her life. For she has made it clear, even without uttering the words herself, that it is where I belong. However, as life will have it, she is always thrown in situations that like to grab away her happiness. Following that, she will fall into depression and experience a lot of pain, which is something that I can not bear to see. As a result, there is only one thing I can do, and that is to support her in any way I can, whether she asks for my help or not.' —Eric Long

A loud humming from an engine could be heard, followed by the screeching of tires upon making contact with the ground, as a non-stop flight from T City to Dragon Island landed at the International Airport of Dragon Island.

When the plane had come to a complete halt, an influential man emerged from the door, and descended through the air stairs.

Wearing a fancy black suit, Brian exuded a gloomy aura with a single purpose in mind while walking under the bright, blue sky. His steps were unusually hurried, and under closer observation, one might notice that they lacked a certain elegance that was often present. It seemed that Brian Long was too distracted to notice the change in his own movements.

As soon as the airport supervisor saw Brian, he rushed towards him, and said respectfully,"Mr. Brian Long, the car you ordered is ready," Taking out the key from his pocket, he handed it to Brian,"The car is in the parking lot at this very moment."

"Okay," answered Brian curtly. He then took the key, and walked towards the parking lot through the exclusive passageway. Behind him, concerned Tony followed and sought for a good time to speak up.

"Mr, Brian Long," said Tony carefully. "Why don't you let me drive?" Once they were in the parking lot, Brian went to the driver's side, and unlocked the door.


ceremony today, as they were VIP guests, would certainly not propose any objections either because they had no interest to meddle in their family business.

Molly bit her lips, as she noticed that at the moment, the flashes from cameras were flickering madly. After all, what just happened right now was explosive news for the outside world.

While refraining from frowning, she could already imagine the headline. It would be written something along the lines of,"Dragon Island open to the outside world, and the engagement ceremony of its ruler was objected!"

In the sun, the spotlight now fell on Brian and Eric, with Molly standing quietly next to Eric. She knew exactly that she should not be wayward at the moment, and that there were things that she could not do such as stand on Brian's side and tell the reporters that she loved Brian instead of Eric. No matter how much she wanted to follow her heart, she did not want either of the men to be harrowed by the media the next day. Thus, with her silence, it was now perceived as a man-to-man battle.

As both powerful men continued to eye one another, their gazes were so intense that the rest audience could read any of their true emotion. They just kept staring at each other, an invisible battle occurring between their angry stares.

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