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   Chapter 804 One Last Attempt (Part Three)

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"Okay, it's all done. Now all you have to do is to wait for the car to receive you," he said with a big smile. "You will be our first lady in less than an hour."

Molly didn't know how to respond to that. It all seemed too much for her to wrap her head around.

"Mol, you look absolutely beautiful," Spark said, as he walked towards her. His praise distracted Molly and the beautician soon left the royal garden with his stuff.

"Spark, I... I feel like everything has become a bigger mess now," Molly said, ill at ease. "I'm in a huge dilemma here. I feel like I'm riding a tiger. I'm afraid that I will cause trouble for Eric."

"Relax, Mol," Spark said. He could not take his eyes off her gorgeous face. However, despite her pretty appearance, she looked empty and lifeless because of her uneasiness. He tried to comfort her, "You're not going to create trouble for anybody. On the contrary, you are going to make everybody happy today."

Spark had been mysterious for the past few days, but Molly hadn't been in the mood to figure out his hidden agenda. As the engagement ceremony got nearer and nearer, she felt increasingly perturbed. The current situation was the result of what she had said rashly in a pit of pique in the beginning. Things had quickly gone out of her control. Now the situation would never allow her to go back on her words. The overwhelming media exposure spread like locust. Without any exaggeration, the engagement ceremony was a worldwide topic of conversation at the moment.

The reason for all this publicity and media attention was because this would be the first engagement ceremony of the power holder of Dragon Island since the island had been opened to the outside world, which had great significance to the entire world.

"Miss Xia," a woman wearing an exclusive shield corsage from the department of private affairs of the Long Family came in and said, "We have a car waiting for you outside. Would you like to move out now?"

Molly had a strong desire to cry out. But she couldn't.

"Go," Spark said in a soft voice.


"Go on," Spark said, pushing her back slightly.

Mark walked forward and grasped Molly's hand. Raising his little head, he said, "Mommy, your choice i

, I ask this question—does anybody object?"

As soon as her voice died down, a perfect silence prevailed in the arena. Nobody uttered a word or made a sound. With their fingers on the shutters, all the photographers were ready to seize the moment when Eric and Molly signed the agreement.

"Since there is no objection," Coco said with a smile, "the power holder and the first lady will now sign the agreement."

"I object!" a cold and calm voice rang across the central square.

All at once, everybody looked in the direction of the voice, and saw a man walk out from among the reporters. He stood at the entrance of the ceremony arena and looked straight ahead at the couple.

"Brian!" Shirley cried out in shock. And a moment later, her eyes twinkled.

As soon as she saw him, Molly's heart skipped a beat. Her eyes brimmed with tears as she looked at the man whom she had been thinking about day in and day out. Nobody could ever have imagined how she had felt when she heard his voice. She was aggrieved at first, then she was angry, and finally relieved.

"You have no right to object," Eric said, standing up. His voice sounded indifferent, yet domineering, just as how the power holder of an island should sound. While both Molly and Shirley stared at him in surprise, he added slowly, "You are not a citizen of Dragon Island. Hence you have no right to object."

"Well then, I object too." a callow and silvery voice came through just as Eric finished his words.


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