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   Chapter 803 One Last Attempt (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7473

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There were two possible reasons for him doing this.

One reason was that Eric wanted to make him witness the beginning of his relationship with Molly and he probably hoped that Molly would see that the relationship between Brian and her was now in the past.

The other possible reason was simple, yet complex.

Brian's eyes turned into bottomless wells as he thought of the other possibility.

It could be possible that Eric was playing this game in order to force him to act.

There was another knock on the door and Brian was pulled out of his thoughts.

Before he could respond, the door was pushed wide open and

a woman walked towards him with graceful, arrogant steps. She took one look at Brian's irritated face and then at the red card on the desk, which seemed so out of place in his office. She raised her beautiful starry eyes slightly and walked to the desk. She picked up the invitation card and opened it without asking for his permission.

As she read through the content of the invitation card, a smile appeared at the corners of her mouth. Without taking her eyes off the card, she said, "Aha, she is getting married, but unfortunately..." she fixed her gaze on Brian, "the man she is marrying is not you. "

Brian tried his best to look like he didn't care, but she knew him all too well to believe his act. She sneered at him. Looking at the card in her hand, she said in a sing-sang voice, "You've finally become another man's bride. How should I send my wishes?"

She turned around in a half circle and collapsed into the nearby chair, waggling the invitation card in her hand and repeating her words again, taunting him.

"Shut up!" Brian finally snapped, annoyed by her behavior.

"Aha!" she sat upright as soon as she heard Brian's voice. "Are you done pretending? Would it have killed you to react sooner?" Throwing the invitation card onto the desk, she continued, "Brian, she is going to be engaged in a couple of days. I believe you understand well about the situation if she gets engaged to Eric, don't you?"

But Brian had regained his composure and looked cold once again. His adamant behavior pissed her off and she said in between gritted teeth, "Once Molly becomes the fiancee of th

ly for a while, Mark answered, "Both of the reasons make me upset, Daddy. But if I have to choose one of them, I would say that the last thing I want to see is Mommy being unhappy."

Spark wore a faint smile as a response to the little boy's answer. Looking at him, he said, "Your Mommy is definitely going to be happy."

"Really?" Mark asked, raising his head to look at Spark.

Spark nodded, "She's going to be very happy!"

"All right!" the beautician's voice came through loud and clear.

He was quite satisfied with his work. Looking at Molly, he praised, "It's so much easier to dress a beautiful lady." Glancing towards Spark and Mark, he said, "Take a look. Doesn't she look gorgeous?"

Molly stood up and turned around to look at Spark and Mark with a completely embarrassed look.

Spark stared at her. He had never seen her look more beautiful. She was wearing a water blue gown, the formfitting design of which drew the outline of her body curve perfectly. No one would guess that she was the mother of a little boy.

The makeup was neither too heavy nor too light. It matched her complexion perfectly. Her long straight hair was combed into waves and was worn in an elegant bun, which was rather cute than conventional. She looked gorgeous and it was difficult for anyone to take their eyes off the exquisite beauty.

The beautician grabbed a white tippet and put it over Molly's shoulders. Then he connected the front opening of the tippet with a crystal lily.

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