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   Chapter 802 One Last Attempt (Part One)

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When you gamble with the happiness of your lifetime, how could I stand by and watch you lose? I will make sure you win by any means. —Spark


Spark frowned slightly when he saw Molly's expressions change and asked, "Mol, what's wrong?"

"This place... It doesn't look strange to me. I think I have been here," she said as she gazed at the dense forest. Her voice sounded empty, as if she was caught in a nightmare.

Spark looked confused. He asked, "Have you been here before?"

"Yeah, I think so... In my childhood," Molly answered, still in a daze.

Spark's brows furrowed deeper. He didn't know much about Dragon Island, but had heard a lot about it through the news and if it weren't for Molly, he wouldn't have been here at all. Even though he was unfamiliar with the island, it was common knowledge that there was a mountain behind the royal garden. It was a restricted zone and public entry was forbidden. Nobody, except those invited by the Long Family to the royal garden, was permitted to enter the mountain.

"You have been to the royal garden?" Spark asked curiously, "Did you spend your childhood in Dragon Island?"

Molly withdrew her sight from the tall trees and looked at her feet, concealing the bitterness in her eyes. She answered solemnly, "Yeah, I lived here for a few years." But looking around again, she corrected herself, "No, I can't say that I had a life here. I just stayed here for a while, I guess."

Her mind re-winded to one particular summer in her childhood. The weather had been quite pleasant in Dragon Island at the time—moderate temperature with frequent spells of rains which cleaned the island, making it look like heaven on earth.

With the support of the National Congress, the business summit sponsored by the four big families in Dragon Island had been allowed to be held at the royal garden. During that time, Molly had come here secretly, following Becky. While she was loitering in the mountain, she had encountered a boy. He was good-looking, like a scaled-down version of Brian.

Molly's mouth opened slightly and she fixed her eyes on the forest. In her mind, the boy's image gradually became clearer. Despite his young age, his long eyes had been as sharp as a falcon's and his mouth was pursed into a straight line. When she had unexpectedly run into him in t

d, and he was also worried about Vincent's position at the moment. It would be impossible for Vincent to return to XK Intelligence Agency in this lifetime if Molly married Eric. Vincent could never have anything to do with Brian after that. Things might turn out to be worse for him than before.

Tony looked at Brian once again. His silence was heavy. Tony called in a low voice, "Sir?" "Leave it on the desk," Brian finally said. There were no emotions in his response.

Tony placed the card on the desk. He took one last look at Brian and walked out of the room silently. He knew that Brian would not want to be disturbed for a while. Even though Brian's voice had remained indifferent, Tony knew how much he was hurting inside.

Brian remained in his place near the window even after the door was shut. He stared at the snow outside the building.

The first snow this year had come late in A City. It had been cloudy almost everyday, like the skies were warning about the impending snowfall. But they hadn't seen any snow till the day before.

Brian turned away from the window slowly. His gaze fell on the red invitation card on the desk.

Tony's deduction as to why Eric had sent Brian an invitation instead of coming in person was absolutely wrong. Brian knew his cousin's intentions better than anyone else. Eric wanted to avoid a situation where Brian could refuse his invitation. This way, Brian didn't have a chance to give any excuse to not attend the engagement. In other words, Eric was coercing him into attending the ceremony.

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