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   Chapter 801 Molly And Eric Are Engaged! (Part Three)

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"Even if Brian wants to get back with Molly, what about Eric?" Richie said lowly but firmly. His eyes sharply glanced across everyone. "One-sided love doesn't always turn out to be unhappy." He looked at Frank and Smart, "Or does it?" Richie asked this question to Frank as Frank didn't fall in love with Smart at first. Nonetheless, their love for each other grew stronger after they got married.

Frank frowned upon hearing his question, while Smart grimaced. They knew that his words did make sense.

Their marriage was not based on their mutual wishes at first. However, they ended up really happy with each other as their marriage bloomed. It might not be the powerful and breathtaking happiness that they had expected. But then, the happiness they had was consistent and secured. It was the type of happiness that stayed whenever and wherever.

Shirley sat down slowly and looked at Richie. She looked bitter when she asked, "Richie, just tell us, what's on your mind now?"

Richie rested his back against the sofa. All the attention was suddenly at him; thus, he said in a lighter tone, "I always believe that everyone's destiny is under their own control. If they want to take the wrong way, then others cannot push them in the right way! " What he meant was that he didn't want to meddle in their business and preferred to let them manage their own business. Regardless if things ended up happy or not, everyone needed to be responsible for their own life. No other could always help them correct their mistakes but themselves.


The climate of Dragon Island was pleasant. The sun was still comfortably warm against the skin despite winter.

Spark tucked his hands in the pockets of his trousers and walked forward. Molly followed him quietly as she maintained some distance from him.

"Mol, sometimes, people get their happiness through different ways." Spark suddenly paused. "Mayb

he was talking to a boy. It was just that she couldn't remember what the boy looked like at all. It was like the boy's face was covered with mosaic.

"Mol? Mol... Mol?" She still didn't respond. Thus, Spark grabbed Molly's shoulder and shook her a little hard. He was already screaming when he called her name again, "Mol!"

That was when Molly suddenly regained herself and looked at Spark blankly. It was only then too that she realized what happened and how she got trapped in her memories. "I'm sorry!" She suddenly burst out.

"What are you thinking about?" Spark asked with a slight frown.

Molly shook her head and then looked at the hillside's path. The originally clean roads were now overshadowed by the towering trees. The pathways were now covered by fallen dry leaves too. Everything about it was ruined and depressing.

Then, another conversation popped into her mind. "Why help me?" a little girl asked doubtfully.

"Do I need to have reasons?" a boy retorted indifferently.

"Well, then thank you for your help. I owe you a favor, " the girl said seriously.

The old and worn-out memory was pouring out of her head.

Molly looked at the towering trees and her eyes suddenly widened. Oh goodness! She finally remembered who the boy was!

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