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   Chapter 800 Molly And Eric Are Engaged! (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7545

Updated: 2019-06-10 00:12

"To be honest," Eric paused and then turned his gaze away from Molly. He took a deep breath before looking at her again, " Mol… I do want you to give up. It is only after you give up on him that I would be free enough to pursue you." After another moment of pause, he continued, "Moreover, it seemed like you don't really have any other choice but to give up now based on the situation."

Molly frowned and confusedly looked at Eric. "Why? What situation are you talking about?"

"The whole world already knew about our engagement now." Eric said helplessly.

Molly's jaw dropped. She couldn't believe what she just heard. She was just trying to know Brian's real thought back then.

"Mol," Eric was no longer the naughty and wicked big boy that he used to be. His whole face was now serious while continued his words, "if we don't get engaged, I'll be the laughingstock of the political circle around the world."

"Eric, I'm so sorry, I…" Molly said apologetically as she didn't know what more to say. She had forgotten that Eric was the ruler of Dragon Island. How could she answer the reporter's question so casually? She felt terribly guilty for the trouble she had brought Eric.

"Honestly, I don't really care about being a laughingstock. I don't even care about the pressure that Congress will bring if ever," Eric said seriously. "However, I'd like to know if you'll keep dealing with my cousin that way."

Molly suddenly froze and stared at Eric's deep blue eyes. Slowly, she realized how she wasn't so firm about her feelings toward Brian much longer.

Little did Eric know about how many times she had asked herself this very same question.

'Should I give up Brian and get engaged to Eric?' she kept asking herself silently.

"Miss Xia, this is the item list for the engagement ceremony. Kindly have a look and review it." said Coco respectfully and anxiously as she passed the list to her. She was the minister of Dragon Island's Etiquette Department. Hearing the news this morning made her extremely worried.

Molly just gave the red list a sad glance. She didn't realize that the minister would act so fast. Thus, she said, "I trust you, Coco. I'm giving all the decisions to you. You can choose anything as you see fit."

opportunity when Little Molly was fragile! Thus, I talked with Eric to make sure that he wouldn't do such a thing. Although I got a satisfactory answer from him, this thing happening now is just…' Shirley lost track of her thoughts as she had too much in her mind.

"Whatever the situation is now, the engagement ceremony between Eric and Molly is a big event for Dragon Island. We should go back eventually to attend the ceremony," said Richie indifferently. Though he still sounded cold, his sharp eyes were serene and without any trace of hostility.

"I'll call Brian!" Shirley suddenly burst angrily. She abruptly got up as she thought of something. Then she paused, looked at Frank, and Smart, and asked, "What's your opinion?"

Smart and Frank exchanged glances and then Smart said, "I don't want Eric to be unhappy. I also want to see Brian get his happiness."

'This is our heartfelt answer. We can't allow Eric to set foot on a crooked road! Molly loves Brian, and Brian loves her. What's going on is just a setback they need to overcome. We are sure that Molly and Brian would get back together once this is over. Then, what should Eric do at that time?'' Smart had thousands of thoughts in her mind. She couldn't help but feel concerned about her son.

"Well, I am much relieved hearing your words," Shirley said sincerely. As parents, they all wanted their children to be happy. However, such happiness should be based on the mutual wishes of a couple and not of a one-sided wish.

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