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   Chapter 799 Molly And Eric Are Engaged! (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7602

Updated: 2019-06-10 00:02

It turns out that hope can be turned to despair within a blink of an eye.

And vice versa.

Flashes were the only source of light at the moment. The madly clicking camera shutters from the reporters were drowning all other voices. Yet, under the lights and cameras, Molly felt that there was nobody else in the world but she and Brian as they looked at each other. Their eyes were showing millions of complex emotions. The feelings pouring from them were so complicated that it was hard for the crowd and even themselves to figure them out.

Molly knew that she should never spill out any information about the engagement. It was too late now though since she couldn't take back what she said anymore. The result of the engagement news would be humiliating. It would be a disaster if she and Eric would be written in the headlines just because of her bad mood. However, the reckless rage that came to her earlier was just too strong that it made her lost her mind and self-control.

"Mr. Eric Long is not here, Miss Xia. Are you sure that the engagement you just said is true?" one of the reporters asked pointedly.

"Does Mr. Long know about this news?" another reporter asked doubtfully.

"..." Molly just remained silent as she showed no interest to answer the questions bombarding her. She couldn't even care less about the flashes that were focused on her face.

She was just staring at Brian's eyes angrily as if she wanted to read his mind.

"Aren't you going to say anything?" the woman next to Brian asked curiously while looking at Molly's angry glare. She was an epitome of arrogance. It seemed so natural for her to appear so conceited while standing next to Brian.

On the other hand, Brian didn't speak and just stayed looking back at Molly too. He didn't know what was the matter with him at the moment. He was just blank. He wanted to move forward and stop the messy situation Molly was stirring. However, he felt powerless to do so.

The questions being thrown by the reporters gradually turned from simply digging facts to deliberately accusing. Most of them were full of doubts about Molly's news. Mr. Long was a powerful man and a huge name. The thing that the woman said wasn't just simple news but an important one. Each one of them just c

stared at his child's wondering eyes but said no more. However, the mystery in his eyes was enough to tell that something big was about to happen.

Curious as Mark was, he did not continue to ask anymore. His Daddy and Mommy had always been this mysterious. Before, he wouldn't stop asking questions until he finally knew the answer. However, growing up made him less curious.


At the Garden Hotel of Sun Island.

Molly was standing before the window with her arms around her. She noticed that there was still a flock of reporters standing and waiting by the door. However, it was almost noon time and Brian didn't give any information about their engagement.

"Mol, come here for lunch," said Eric tenderly while placing the dishes offered by the hotel service on the ding table. He was looking gently at Molly's back with mixed emotions on his eyes.

Seeing that Molly didn't move at all, Eric walked up to her and stood beside her. Then he said, "Mol, have you decided to give up loving my cousin?"

A bitter smile cracked Molly's lips before she said, "Eric, he really didn't love me anymore, right?"

Eric took a gaze at Molly then turned to somewhere outside the window. "Mol, just let bygones be bygones. No matter how wonderful the relationship was, it would no longer belong to you once you had missed it. Also, it will no longer be the kind of thing you wanted."

Molly looked at Eric slowly. Blinking her eyelashes, she asked in a heavy tone, "Are you saying that I should give up?"

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