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   Chapter 798 Great Changes Because Of Love (Part Three)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 9109

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At that point, a frown was plastered on the woman's face and she turned to look at Brian.

In turn, Brian stood up from his seat. His face looked dark and the opposite of just awhile ago. His eyes squinted at her in a condescending manner and he spat out,"Molly Xia, do you need me to remind you that there is no relationship between us?"

His words made Molly's eyes suddenly feel sore. She could feel the stinging tears threatening to come out but she stopped it by clenching her hands so hard that her nails dug imprints onto her palms, and said through gritted teeth,"Is it true that we already have had no relationship?" She managed to get the words out clearly but struggled to hold back her tears. Her calmness completely flew out the window in an instant when she saw Brian with another woman, even when she had spent the whole night trying to be calm. "Even though we don't have any relationship now, but we have the same boy, Mark," She tried her best not let the tears run down. "This is a fact that you can never deny," Molly said in a voice laced with all the sadness she had felt.

However, Brian's face only turned darker. His eyes stared at Molly cruelly as if he wanted to cut her with a knife. He hissed,"You, Molly Xia, get out of here!"

At this point, Molly was filled with rage and said,"How could you say that?" Her eyes glared at him head-on and gave him a stern look,"On what status can you speak like that to me since we have no relationship?"

Brian had no response to that for a while. Then, the woman with him spoke up and broke the silence,"Brian..." She stood up as well and went on,"She…"

However, she was cut off when Molly bellowed angrily,"You shut up! This has nothing to do with you. It's between him and me..."

"For your information, it is you who should shut up!" Brian interrupted her as well. Brian's last words came out so cold that as if he came from hell and his iciness seemed to drop down Sun Island's high temperature when he talked.

Molly looked at an enraged Brian and there she knew that everything she had done, no matter how hard she strived, all her efforts seemed to be ridiculous. The tears she had been trying to hold back finally ran down her cheeks, some of the droplets falling to the sides of her lips. The liquid tasted so salty and bitter, just like the harsh reality that kept hurting her.

The woman beside Brian looked more serious, but said nothing.

"Brian, is she the one..." Molly's voice said through broken sobs, but she could not go on with her sentence. She felt as if she would only humiliate herself if she continued. She inhaled deeply and looked at Brian through tear-filled eyes and said,"Remember how you treated me today. You wi

tween you and Mr. Eric Long started?"

"Miss Xia, according to an unnamed person, you will be engaged to Mr. Eric Long in Dragon Island. Is that true?"

"Miss Xia, could you please say something about you and Mr. Eric Long? And what do you think of the fact that you will be the hostess of Dragon Island?"

"Mr. Eric Long took you to the celebratory dinner last night, and many people surmise that you will get engaged soon. Miss Xia, could you tell us the exact date?"

Hordes and hordes of questions fired one after another from the reporters who struggled to get answers from her. Molly just stood there in amazement. She hadn't even got the proper time to submerge herself in her sorrows, yet here she was facing a crowd of paparazzi and reporters the very next day. She could only look at the people who were incessantly asking her about the fact that she would become the hostess of Dragon Island. 'What? What did they say? Why will I become the hostess of Dragon Island?' Molly felt even more confused.

"I..." Only one word came out of Molly's mouth when she saw Brian got off a car, together with the woman she saw last night who was together with Brian. At the same time, the reporters around her still kept asking questions crazily.

From the foyer of the lobby, Brian saw Molly and heard the reporters' questions about the exact time Eric and her would get engaged.

He did not respond or react to anything. His face still wore that indifferent expression he always had, as if the scene in front of him was not happening at all.

Molly looked at the woman beside him and her heart sank little by little. When her eyes were on Brian again, she opened her mouth and the next words slowly tumbled out of her lips,"If everything goes well, Eric and I will get engaged at the end of this month!"

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