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   Chapter 797 Great Changes Because Of Love (Part Two)

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The two of them stood side by side near the railings with rings. Both of them did not talk anymore. One looked at the men manning the fishing boats resting by the dock, and the other stared at the cars speeding on the road. A gust of wind blew gently on their faces. His eyes looked unreadable. Eric knew that Molly wanted to console herself after she was hurt by Brian. She had been together with him before, doing all of those and putting up all those acts on purpose just to let Brian see. However, Brian's reaction only served to hurt and disappoint her.

A few more minutes passed as the two of them stood there quietly. The night wore on and soon enough, the lights on the fishing boats went out and the cars on the road became less and less.

Molly's voice suddenly interrupted the silence, "Eric."

"Yes?" the man beside her asked softly. "Why is it always you every time?" she said as if her voice was from far away. He then turned his body around to look at Molly. Her hair fanned out gently and flowed like water in the breeze, delicately framing her pretty face. She looked really charming under the moonlight. She was so beautiful that Eric's eyes couldn't help but gaze at her longingly.

On her side, Molly seemed to stare at the moat but it was actually like she saw nothing with her distracted eyes. She spoke again in an even lower voice, "Why is it you every time when I need someone? Why is it you again this time?"

Eric's eyes then turned to look at the distance and he tried to smile. "Maybe I am doomed to be the knight, not the prince," he said. The words slowly tumbled out of his lips in a sad voice. He was hurt but at the same time, he was still glad to do something for her.

The breeze blew a little stronger and slightly messed up Molly's hair, but she did not seem to notice it. Sometimes she thought that she was really not good enough to deserve it--the three men loved her so much.

Spark had said to her, "Everything will be fine if you are safe and happy."

Eric had said to her, "I want to give you a gift every year."

Brian had said to her, "You can never get out of my love if I don't let you go."

All three men were gentle, attractive and strong, respectively. It seemed like these three men were giving her three choices in life.

"Molly," Eric sighed and asked gently. "Why was it not me?"

However, Molly's eyes looked puzzled as she did not understand what he said.

His eyes saw her confusion and added, "Why am I not the one you fell in love with?" As he asked the sad question, Eric's face under the yellow lights seemed to be calm, but his handsome features co

forget his experience with the woman until the end of his life, and no one could ever replace her.

From where she stood, Molly couldn't bear to listen to their story anymore. Her eyes just looked at Brian and sent daggers to his face. She was jealous of the woman with him. She knew it was his past. 'It doesn't matter whatever he was in the past. What I want is Brian now and in the future!' she inwardly chanted to herself.

However, she couldn't persuade herself even with her pep talk. Her ex-husband had even treated her in a colder manner than strangers a few hours before the party. Now, he was talking leisurely to his old lover, recalling their past lives without a care in the world. And based from their conversation, they even slept together hugging each other!

Molly was sad, angry and jealous all at the same time. She was unwilling to let any of these things happen!

The woman whipped her head around and saw Molly. "Ummm, who is this?" she asked Brian softly.

Brian turned his head around to look at the person who she was referring to. When he finally saw and recognized her, his face turned sour at once. "Why are you here?" he asked.

"What do you mean? Why? Can't I be here?" Molly retorted back.

The lady beside Brian did not seem to feel the tense atmosphere between him and Molly, and just looked at them with her slanted, beautiful eyes. She hadn't spoken a word since Molly started talking.

Beside her, Brian's eyes looked deeply but calmly at Molly. His cold voice said, "Don't you think it is impolite to eavesdrop on our conversation?"

"How should I think it is impolite to listen to the conversation between my husband and another woman?" Molly shot back sharply once again, her voice catty and fierce.

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