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   Chapter 796 Great Changes Because Of Love (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 8083

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A woman is perceptual. She can be hurt badly by love, or be strong beyond imagination because of love.

There was a slight edge to Hanson's voice as his eyes looked questioningly at Clement, who stood beside him gazing at the scenery. "What?"

Hanson asked and swirled the wine glass he held in one hand, the liquid sloshing to the side. He could not, for the life of him, understand the situation. There was a short pause before he got an answer from his companion.

Clement's head whipped to the side to look at Hanson and said, "What is the worst is that there appears to be a man giving her a helping hand and even a hug when she is hurt by the man she loves deeply."

His companion wore a thoughtful expression at his words. For someone like Hanson who was inexperienced, he thought that Clement's words were rather profound.

The thin lips of Clement curled into a smile as he gazed back to the scenery and said, "A woman can be brave for love, and also be fragile for love. If Brian keeps pretending to be indifferent to Molly while Mr. Eric Long genuinely shows his love to her, and being really nice and gentle to her," he said as he smirked, then continued, "It is possible that Molly will throw herself into his arms, even if it is a mistake."

Just outside the area, the polished dress shoes of Brian Long walked quietly down the hall. He was looking for Hanson. The hand holding his glass of wine almost choked the glass's stem when he heard Clement's words as he passed by.

The voice continued. "Hanson, I don't think the luxury yacht will belong to you later. You should get ready to send it to Dragon Island," Clement continued. "As for me, Mr. Eric Long is probably winning. Plus, the reports from the entertainment media and economic and financial circles will come at them thick and fast for the very first time tomorrow," Clement added loftily.

Just as he was about to speak some more to Hanson who listened quite attentively, he suddenly stopped mid-sentence with eyes widened in embarrassment. When Hanson saw this, he looked confused and turned his head around to the direction of Clement's eyes to see what was wrong, and there in the corridor, stood Brian Long. Clement was surprised and said, "Brian? How come you are here?"

However, Brian only gave them an icy look and went away without a word. Hanson and Clement looked at each other confusedly in consternation.

"Now y

about your Mommy a lot. Because he cares too much for her, he dare not…" He was unable to continue his words. His eyes no longer checked on the boy on his lap but stared into the distance. 'No one can give Molly so much as Brian does. It will be the best if Molly gets back together with Brian, '

Spark thought to himself.

Today was a quiet and peaceful night at Sun Island. The gentle breeze gently blew and fanned the trees and the moonlight softly illuminated the surroundings. Molly felt a sense of calmness in the noise of silence.

Her body leaned on the railings with the rings. Her eyes stared at the salty water flowing into the moat. The lights from the fishing boats by the dock reflected on the peaceful water like glowing waves, and brought her a serene feeling.

Beside Molly, Eric leaned his back on the railings with the rings as well. His eyes observed the cars going to and fro on the road and said wistfully, "Molly, forget about Brian."

At his words, Molly's body only stiffened. She gave a little smile and asked him in return, "Can you forget about me?"

However, no answer came out of Eric's lips.

He did not respond to Molly's question, and that gave them their answers.

Eric then stood upright and straightened his shirt. He said, "Let's go back, It's late now."

On the other hand, Molly had other ideas. "But I still want to stay here for a while," she said in protest. Her voice was low and her head dropped down in loneliness.

Eric's eyes observed the lonely figure of Molly, then he said with a serious expression on his face, "Okay, I will stay with you."

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