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   Chapter 795 The Celebration Party (Part Two)

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"Take it easy. I can't control Mr. Brian Long's feelings with my gambling skills," replied Hanson while rolling his eyes. "I'll give you my yacht 'The Sunny Sword' if you'll win the bet. It was a gift from Mr. Brian Long. How do you like it?"

"Really? Are you serious?" The man's eyes glittered with excitement.

"Of course. And if you lose..." Hanson continued, " should give me five percent of your share from your family's business group."

A cold smile spread over the man's face. "What a good bet! Mr. Brian Long has already gotten another five percent share. If you win, he'll be able to take control of our Board of Directors."

"How do you like it?" Hanson said as he ignored what the man said. This man was Clement. He was from the Ye family, one of the four greatest families besides the Long family in Dragon Island. He had a hobby of collecting yachts. However, one of his favorite yachts, "The Sunny Sword", was owned by Brian who then gave it to Hanson as a gift.

"It seems that Mr. Brian Long holds all the winning cards this time," said Clement, trying to sound Hanson out.

"Well, it's hard to say." Hanson replied flatly. "After all, it's just an even bet. Besides, I can ensure you that Mr. Brian Long won't take control of your Board of Directors. Instead, the shares will be owned by his son, Mark."

Clement took a sip of his wine and fell into deep thoughts. The Dragon Empire Group hadn't chosen to develop and grow in Dragon Island in order to give ways to local enterprises. Currently, the four great families of Dragon Island already owned a large part of its economy. It was vital for the Long family to purchase the shares of the four great families' business groups. Restricted by the political factors, Eric, the governor of the parliament, wasn't supposed to do that publicly, thus, Brian would have to do it for his cousin.

"Okay, I'll make the bet with you!" Clement finally decided. He and his father understood their situation clearly and they knew that resisting anyone from the Long family would only result in failure. These were the reasons why he agreed to do Brian a favor. Nonetheless, he still wouldn't necessarily lose the bet regardless of who won between them.

"I bet that..." said Clement as he shot a glance at Brian who was leisurely walking into the door with an official. "...he will lose his cool in three months."

Hanson also looked towards Brian's direction and said, "Then I bet... It will be in just one month!" He raised his wine glass and clinked glasses with Clement. There was a silent triumph in his eyes. He didn't believe that Brian would still be able to keep his cool for long once he saw Molly and Eric sticking together all the time. After all, he was willing to sacrifice his own life for that woman. All he needed was a potent antidote which would drive Brian out of his pretend-composure.

Hanson had developed an outstanding perception while learning how to gamble. He had a strong feeling that something interesting would take place in th

out of here now."

"Don't you have to stay here until it finishes?" Molly asked out of curiosity.

"Well, my men will do it for me," replied Eric with a wide grin. Then he added jokingly, "If I have to handle everything by myself, then there's no need for me to give them salaries."

Molly burst into laughter and said, "Yeah, you're right!" She stood up from her seat as she looked around to search for Brian's figure. When she saw his familiar poker face, she sneered and murmured to herself, "If you keep ignoring me like this, I'll go with Eric sooner or later!"

"What? What did you say?" Eric asked when he heard her calling his name.

"Nothing!" Molly replied grumpily. She took Eric's hand moodily and walked towards the door.

The party went on and the sound of glasses clinking and people talking continued. It seemed that nobody even noticed that they already left. However, there were actually two people in that party who were bored enough and had kept observing them all the time.

"Look at Mr. Brian Long," said Hanson who rested one of his hands on his chest. He was still holding a glass of wine with his other hand.

Clement followed his gaze and saw Brian who was pressing his lips together and staring at Molly's back with resentful eyes.

Of course, only Brian himself could know if he was really feeling resentful or not. Others could only guess his feelings based on what they saw. Nobody knew what he was exactly feeling at the moment.

"Okay, I bet he will soon lose his cool in less than a month now," said Hanson while shaking his head in disappointment. A disdainful look appeared on his face as if he was disappointed by Brian's weak self-control.

Clement looked at Molly who was leaving with Eric and said, "Say, don't you think the situation between them is very complicated now?"

"What do you mean?" Hanson asked back curiously.

"Hey, Gambler! Do you know what's the most fearful thing for a woman in love?"

asked Clement, a strange glint flowing in his eyes.

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